The Dayton Daily News is going to have to change his name to the Sonny Thomas Daily News.  Today, the family of DDN papers is reporting that Sonny Thomas is a wanted man.  Apparently, he allegedly violated a protection order taken out by the mother of his son by showing up to her house unexpected.

In other news, a reader forwarded us a post on his MySpace page from when Ted Kennedy died that makes clear he’s not just a big Bee Gees fan, but should be in the Klan (and I don’t mean Wu Tang.)

Wed., Aug. 26, 2009

Let it be on the record, I detest and denounce any Fed, State or local gov’t interloping in my healthcare decisions whatsoever! I’m 110% against anyo of this fucking ObamaCare and will not acknowledge that son of a bitch either until he proves he’s a legally binding person who sits in that office.
There’s a reason it’s called the White House.

Again, there is absolutely no truth to the allegation that racism is the motivation behind the “birther” movement, right?

I’m just wondering when “Tea Party Values” certified candidates like John Kasich and Jon Husted will stand up and explain whether they truly share these values?

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  • larkin

    WTF is a “legally binding person”?

  • gold. pure gold.

  • The first obvious sign that this guy is a nut (or a 14 year old girl) is that he publishes his blog on myspace.

    Further evidence includes rants questioning Obama's status as a US citizen and paranoia about the government trying to put chips in babies and forcing kids to get autism-causing vaccinations.

    Also lots of misguided economic crap about how the government is interfering with free markets and how the government should return to the gold standard.

    For a guy who works at Speedway for a living you would think he'd have a better grasp on these important macroeconomic issues facing our nation.

  • mvirenicus

    i can't cope with all the conflict and invective flying around this place. i'm joining zendik's farm.

  • Plumb Right

    I would think for one that seems so outspoken that you would first try to have your facts correct- you cannot even get his employment correct. While you are more than entitled to your opinion, I would think that you would have made note that an issue of formal apology was posted by the gentleman that is getting an outrageous amount of media hype and attention. What truly sickens me, and I have no reason to take sides with either side is that there has been unbelievable damage done by the media and the core issue of this matter centers around a woman not doing her job as a mother. Of course that part does not sell newspapers, now does it? As a medical professional, I do have private medical information and the child is the one that is going to be hurt in the end. How dare newpapers and media drag a father, and his child through the mud of the media. I hope that all of you that are pointing a finger at someone are realizing when you point the finger at someone else you have 4 more pointing at yourself. Further more, when all of this is sorted out through the court system, I hope you take the time to issue your statements of retraction because it will be warranted

  • mvirenicus

    “I hope that all of you that are pointing a finger at someone are realizing when you point the finger at someone else you have 4 more pointing at yourself.”

    in what fantasy land did this statement originate? or if meant literally, i count only three fingers pointing back at myself.

  • mary jo

    Maybe Plumb Right points with his or her thumb. Or has an extra digit, like Anne Boleyn.

  • mvirenicus

    as time goes on i'm beginning to understand that our brethren on the right are simply a little “touched” and deserving of our sympathy.

  • He has since set his blog to private. Fortunately I screen captured the whole damn thing before he did it, so I can give you the quote that I got my information from:

    I've talked with my local reps in Ohio and they actually did some checking into abuse on the CS system. As I'm in management at Speedway I've got first hand knowledge on people using their “Ohio Debit” card for tobacco, alcohol and other non child support items. They did look into it and have discovered there is abuse.

    Also from his blog, a quote from a Time magazine article:

    “I feel as one person who stands up, I have a voice and letting it be heard sends fear to the establishment,” said Thomas, a Conservative activist and gas station manager who was laid off a previous job.

    I'm not saying there's anything wrong with working at a gas station. I'm just saying it doesn't exactly qualify him to be an expert at the economic issue he seems to talk so much about.

  • mvirenicus

    careful, joseph. plumb appears to be double jointed.

  • Here's some more people that the Teabaggers need to purge.

  • Mysticspringfling

    I have the unfortunate privileged of actually knowing sonny thomas. When he found out that I voted for Obama, he actually told me that I was the reason that women should not have been given the right to vote. I knew that one day his detestable behavior would one day get him into trouble. It is sad that he is this way. I often tried to tell him that this was unacceptable behavior, but he was insistent. He is not 14, but he is juvenile. I do not agree with his ex though that he would EVER hurt his son…Sonny is a lot of things, but I think that parenthood has been good for him. I will never agree with his political or bigoted points of view.

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