The Dayton Daily News is going to have to change his name to the Sonny Thomas Daily News.  Today, the family of DDN papers is reporting that Sonny Thomas is a wanted man.  Apparently, he allegedly violated a protection order taken out by the mother of his son by showing up to her house unexpected.

In other news, a reader forwarded us a post on his MySpace page from when Ted Kennedy died that makes clear he’s not just a big Bee Gees fan, but should be in the Klan (and I don’t mean Wu Tang.)

Wed., Aug. 26, 2009

Let it be on the record, I detest and denounce any Fed, State or local gov’t interloping in my healthcare decisions whatsoever! I’m 110% against anyo of this fucking ObamaCare and will not acknowledge that son of a bitch either until he proves he’s a legally binding person who sits in that office.
There’s a reason it’s called the White House.

Again, there is absolutely no truth to the allegation that racism is the motivation behind the “birther” movement, right?

I’m just wondering when “Tea Party Values” certified candidates like John Kasich and Jon Husted will stand up and explain whether they truly share these values?

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