The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported today that Lee Fisher raised only over $500k this most recent FEC quarter.  That’s got to be he worst fundraising quarter so far (granted, it’ll still be more substantially more than Brunner.)  We’ve all known that a great deal of that $1.8 million cash-on-hand Fisher reported legally CANNOT be used for the primary (in fact, probably most of it cannot be used.)  Is his fundraising well starting to run dry?

Fisher unexpectedly started to run his ad earlier than announced, the PD also reported, with a statewide cable ad buy that will follow the statewide network ad buy starting Friday.  No word yet on how much he’s spending, but Tim thinks he’s hitting MSNBC as hard as Husted is hitting Fox.

Meanwhile, Brunner is hinting that she may be on the air the last two weeks and that she did improve from her previous worst quarter ever.  If Brunner manages to make it on the air, it’s going to be a supertargeted budget ad buy.  Still, given that most of the “punditry” believed that she’d never be able to go on the air at all, this could prove to be an interesting development.

As Ohio Daily Blog and others have noted, Brunner recently was endorsed by Democracy for America, which should be able to help her out financially.

I will say that Lee Fisher’s ad doesn’t have the problem Husted’s has.  It’s so bland and boring, but at least is focused on the most important issue in the election, you’d be hard pressed to believe it’s not geared towards a general election audience.  But I agree with Tim, I bet like Husted, Fisher’s focus is on television stations and programs favored by primary voters.