From the daily archives: Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported today that Lee Fisher raised only over $500k this most recent FEC quarter.  That’s got to be he worst fundraising quarter so far (granted, it’ll still be more substantially more than Brunner.)  We’ve all known that a great deal of that $1.8 million cash-on-hand Fisher reported legally CANNOT be used for the primary (in fact, probably most of it cannot be used.)  Is his fundraising well starting to run dry?

Fisher unexpectedly started to run his ad earlier than announced, the PD also reported, with a statewide cable ad buy that will follow […]

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Mo’ money, mo’ problems…. it’s hard to be a trust fund baby.

Talking Points Memo has the story about how John Boccieri’s likely GOP opponent just settled a major tax liability with the State of Ohio.

Of course, these tax issues never matter.

Just ask Sec. of HHS Thomas Daschle…

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According to the Hamilton Pulse Journal, Ohio’s Tea Party groups are PISSED at the Ohio Republican Party for using this logo to promote the ORP’s preferred candidates over the Tea Party preferred candidates.

And they’re particularly pissed that they using it to 1) promote Jon Husted’s candidacy; 2) promote State Central Committee incumbents facing….. Tea Party challengers!

Tea Party leaders say the Ohio GOP is ?declaring war? on the movement with mailers claiming all of its endorsed candidates embrace Tea Party values.

That is according to Chris Littleton, president of the Ohio Liberty Council, a consortium […]

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Nobody is surprised.

(HT: Columbus Dispatch)

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The Dayton Daily News is going to have to change his name to the Sonny Thomas Daily News.  Today, the family of DDN papers is reporting that Sonny Thomas is a wanted man.  Apparently, he allegedly violated a protection order taken out by the mother of his son by showing up to her house unexpected.

In other news, a reader forwarded us a post on his MySpace page from when Ted Kennedy died that makes clear he’s not just a big Bee Gees fan, but should be in the Klan (and I don’t mean Wu Tang.)


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Looks like Lee lied to Mark Naymik when he said the ad buy would start Friday.? Either that, or more panic is setting in.?? It was a quiet intro piece, nothing major.? Message was bland – the only thing that appears to have made it out of Lee’s focus groups is a line to “hold Wall Street banks accountable” – which Lee’s Goldman Sachs donors will find humorous.? Lots of still photos, completely indistinguishable from any other political ad.? In short, classic Lee.

So now Lee has kicked off a full three weeks of TV.? I suspect the last week […]

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