Been on the road, coming back up for air, and the first post I went to this morning to re-engage in the Ohiosphere is this John Husted ad of PANIC, which Eric aptly describes as follows.

Fuck me. It’s like they ‘re playing Tea Party Yahtzee. Just toss some wingnuttery in a cup, shake, and out comes a commercial. “Stop immoral government debt to protect our children’s liberty”? LOLWTF

Actually, this is quite a historic ad.? I’m pretty sure this is the first political ad in the history of American political ads to open with a “Don’t Tread On Me” flag.? Gotta be.? After seeing this ad, I’m sure teabaggers all over the state began salivating gallons of Pavlovian teabagger drip down their chins, mouths agape, awaiting in twitching anticipation for….John Husted.

Speaking of teabaggers, is there any better comic material this cycle than Sonny Thomas?? This guy is gold.? John Husted, HOW DARE YOU refuse this man’s invitation, this PATRIOT, and then have the GALL to fly that great patriot flag in YOUR AD?!?!? Traitor!

When Sonny Thomas has become daily news, and John Husted has a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag opening his first ad for statewide office, well…..that shark’s been jumped, folks.

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