The same logo used in Jon Husted’s lit piece is being protested by GOP State Central Committee candidates in Butler County.

They’ve even issued a SCAM ALERT on their campaign website:

The Ohio Republican Party (ORP) under the leadership of Kevin DeWine, recently spent over $330,000 for campaign direct mailings. Most state wide mailings include a “look-alike” Tea Party logo, seen below, in an attempt to scam and confuse potential voters into believing these candidates are endorsed by Tea Party organizations.
They are NOT.

In many cases the candidates promoted by the ORP have never attended a Tea Party meeting, and their supporters are fighting against Tea Party members seeking election to local and State Central Committee positions.

In Butler County Ohio, District #4 candidates Tim Evans and Mary Swain included the scam logo on their recent campaign literature. (click either name to view mailing)

The real candidates that have been part of the Tea Party movement since the beginning also support many other conservative organizations. They are:

Bobbi Radeck
State Central Committee District #4 women & precinct WC41

Mark Haverkos
State Central Committee District #4 man & precinct WC42

Matt Hurley at Weapons of Mass Discussion is not amused, and is calling for any candidate who the Ohio GOP used this logo to condemn it.  Presumably, that would include Jon Husted.

Begun, the authenticity wars have….

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  • Kyle

    Doesn't Husted have “tea party values”? I've heard him speak a few times and he certainly harps on about lower taxes plenty. I'm not drinking the tea-flavored kool-aid, but I was under the impression that tea party values pretty much meant lower taxes and smaller government (here I thought those were Republican values too, but who am I to nit-pick). Claiming that this is a faux-tea-party logo is a bit much, especially when it doesn't say “tea-party-approved” or “tea-party-endorsed”. It's the equivalent of putting “Conservative” at the top, which he has also done. Additionally, are we to assume that claiming to be Conservative or Liberal is disallowed until the actual election is over? No one has “endorsed” the candidate with their vote yet, so how can they claim to have conservative or liberal values?

  • eaglesnest1

    Let him put conservative on his mailings. He has refused to attend Tea Party meetings. Sandra O'Brien has been out to many, and to 912 meetings. She does not have the money that Husted has to blast his ads all over TV, but he is part of the Republican machine, and is this not the goal of our groups, to get rid of the entrenched political machine. Sandra O'Brien is not connected to special interests, and seems to me to be honest, and with true conservative values.

  • Go Sandy!

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