Jon Husted wants the Ohio media to believe that the fact that he is the only statewide candidate presently running an ad has nothing to do with the primary challenge of Tea Party favorite Sandra O’Brien…

Even though just a week ago, Husted was slow to pull out of the Springboro Tea Party event after its founder’s racist tweet.? State Sen. Shannon Jones, who was actually ENDORSED by the Springboro Tea Party, pulled out condemning Sonny Thomas’ racist tweet.? Husted has yet to condemn it, for fear it might hurt his standing with the Tea Party movement.? Every other speaker BUT Husted has gone on record condemning Sonny Thomas’ racism.? Hell, even the leadership of the Dayton Tea Party has condemned it

What Sandra O’Brien did to Jeanette Bradley has Jon Husted scared so much that he dare not condemn the condemnable.? Then over the weekend, the Ohio Republican Party sent out a mailer solely for Jon Husted with this banner:

Husted ORP Banner

That logo sits there like an EnergyStar sticker on the appliance…. Jon Husted: Tea Party Tested, Tea Party approved!

Except no Tea Party organization has ENDORSED Husted, several have thrown support to O’Brien.

Also, Husted apparently now believes the word “Conservative” is a title.? He uses the word roughly 9 times in this one lit piece alone.? That’s as many times as he mentions his own name.? (He only mentions the office he’s actually running for three times.)

Then this week, Husted air an ad who’s production went something like this:

CAMPAIGN MANAGER:? No, it’s still not good enough…. you got to really zoom in on the snake flag thing…. I want that fucking snake to take up the whole goddamn screen so every Tea Party yahoo in this State cannot escape seeing it!

Make the snake bigger or we’re all out of a job!

When you are so desperate to appeal to “value voters” that you have to point out your courageous stand you took against YOURSELF to defend prayer in the House, you’re scrapping the bottom.? Peppering everything you say or do with the word “Conservative” so much it starts to sound defensive doesn’t help either.? Using logos to suggest that you’re a Tea Party guy when your opponent genuinely is, just compounds the problem.

I mean Matt Naugle and I rarely ever agree on anything, but we both agreed that Jennifer Garrison was more of a true conservative than Jon Husted.

The only thing Jon Husted could have done to make this more transparent is if he started regularly dressing up in colonial garb, threw crates of tea into Lake Erie or the Ohio River and then stared angrily into the camera ala Mike Gravel.? But maybe that’s what will air next week.

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