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The mere fact that Jon Husted is spending $150k on ads with Time Warner Cable on Fox News alone is NOT evidence of Husted in a primary panic.

Just because these ads, with their Tea Party flag waiving, are airing on Fox News until the primary is just a coincidence.

Remember this has absolutely nothing to do with Tea Party favorite primary opponent Sandra O’Brien or the rumors that she is actually beating?him in primary polling.

And now a word from our Fox News sponsors… (HT: ProgressOhio for the vid capture)

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A movement is afoot to destroy the Tea Party by infiltrating it.? And in what may be the most sublime tactic deployed, they have a message board complete with poor spelling.

Is it possible that the Ohio Republican Party is a part of the infiltration?? That FAKE logo has Matt Hurley worried!? And Jon Husted?? Non-patriot!

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I largely agree with Modern’s take on Lee’s ad buy – if you have to put ads up in your base county, which happens to be the most expensive media market, at the expense of other markets where you are less known, you got trouble.

Additionally, where’s all that big money Lee raised?? Remember the core of the “inevitable Lee” argument?? Money.? Well, Lee is only going to be on the air for basically two weeks before the primary – I don’t include a weekend buy in those two weeks, it’s almost a waste of money to begin your […]

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The same logo used in Jon Husted’s lit piece is being protested by GOP State Central Committee candidates in Butler County.

They’ve even issued a SCAM ALERT on their campaign website:

The Ohio Republican Party (ORP) under the leadership of Kevin DeWine, recently spent over $330,000 for campaign direct mailings. Most state wide mailings include a “look-alike” Tea Party logo, seen below, in an attempt to scam and confuse potential voters into believing these candidates are endorsed by Tea Party organizations.
They are NOT.

In many cases the candidates promoted by the ORP have never […]

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Jon Husted wants the Ohio media to believe that the fact that he is the only statewide candidate presently running an ad has nothing to do with the primary challenge of Tea Party favorite Sandra O’Brien…

Even though just a week ago, Husted was slow to pull out of the Springboro Tea Party event after its founder’s racist tweet.? State Sen. Shannon Jones, who was actually ENDORSED by the Springboro Tea Party, pulled out condemning Sonny Thomas’ racist tweet.? Husted has yet to condemn it, for fear it might hurt his standing with the Tea Party movement.? Every […]

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An Ohio Republican has a brain – shocking, I know!

I got news for ya Jon, Ohio GOP primary voters don’t care all that much about you standing up to liberal ACORN, or protecting public prayer at the statehouse, or being against whatever the heck immoral government debt is…..They think and they will tell you that the problem is a lack of prayer in schools, or gay marriage, or the divorce rate, or drugs, or Obama, or whatever they latch onto to focus their anger on.? But you and I know what the real problem is.

Click through for […]

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Been on the road, coming back up for air, and the first post I went to this morning to re-engage in the Ohiosphere is this John Husted ad of PANIC, which Eric aptly describes as follows.

Fuck me. It’s like they ‘re playing Tea Party Yahtzee. Just toss some wingnuttery in a cup, shake, and out comes a commercial. “Stop immoral government debt to protect our children’s liberty”? LOLWTF

Actually, this is quite a historic ad.? I’m pretty sure this is the first political ad in the history of American political ads to open with a “Don’t Tread […]

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