Just in case you were wondering:

Announcer:? Defending our liberty begins with leaders who fight for our families.

Announcer:? Jon Husted, A conservative leader.? Jon Husted stood up to liberal ACORN, to stop electoral fraud.? Jon Husted protected public prayer in the statehouse, because our rights are God given.?

Announcer:? A family man, Jon Husted wants to stop immoral government debt , to protect our children?s liberty.?

Announcer:? Jon Husted, a conservative for Secretary of State.

LMAO.? In case you forgot, the House prayer was in “jeopardy” because as Speaker, Husted allowed a minister to give a political speech about pending legislation that was to be voted on that day coached as a prayer and two House Democrats stormed out of the chamber.? It wasn’t like the institution of prayer in the House was in jeopardy… except that some conservatives note that Husted’s “brave” stance was actually a reversal of his own policy.

Jon Husted apparently forgets that Ohio has a balanced budget amendment to our Constitution.? All this talk about debt is really insulting to the intelligence of Ohioans.? Sadly, he may be justified to believe that most Ohioans won’t catch that one.

It’s amazing how conservative Jon Husted became once he moved to Upper Arlington…

I bet this airs a week and then he’ll go negative on O’Brien.? Just read the DDN piece again, he’s prepared to go negative on her.

Grab the popcorn…

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