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Today, Dayton Daily News points out that the guy who wrote this:

Springboro Tea Party Tweet

Also, happens to be the father of a half-Latino son.

Turner said the comments upset her because she and Thomas have a 6-year-old son who is part Hispanic.

?Basically, it?s like he?s saying he hates his son,? Turner said.

Just when you didn’t think what Sonny Thomas said couldn’t get any worse.

A separate article in today’s DDN covers that the Springboro Tea Party leader just recently got visitation rights with his son:

On April 1, Thomas regained visitation rights to the son he lost as a result of a domestic civil protection order filed by the boy?s mother in December 2009, court records show.

A magistrate in Warren County Common Pleas Court stopped Thomas? contact with Turner and their son, after she said the boy returned from visits with Thomas with bruises, according to court records. No charges were filed.

A magistrate lifted protections for the boy as part of an agreed order that designated Springboro City Hall as the point where the parents were to exchange him.

So far, Jim Traficant is the ONLY speaker who I believe has not canceled.

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