Jon Husted is spinning the Cleveland Plain Dealer that his ad has absolutely nothing to do with his Tea Party favorite opponent Sandra O’Brien…

But Husted said the rollout of the TV ad has nothing to do with O?Brien. He said he?s just trying to introduce himself to as many Ohio voters as possible. The campaign would have run the ad even if he had no opponent in the primary, he said.

“We?re trying to get the message out about who I am and what I stand for,” Husted said.

Yes, because all political ads seeking to introduce people to voters prominently feature a “Don’t Tread on Me” Flag instead of an American flag and uses the term “Conservative” in a manner that down right sounds defensive…

Seriously, the ad doesn’t have a single feature you’d expect in a “getting to know me” ad.  It never mentions that Jon Husted was the Speaker of the House, or is currently in the State Senate.  It doesn’t mention a single legislative achievement he’s made, or a single thing he’s proposed doing for the office he’s running for.  (Hell, it almost doesn’t even MENTION what office he’s running for!)  It doesn’t explain why he’s running.  Nothing you’d expect in an introduce me to the voters ad.

Does anyone believe that this issue is geared for a general election audience? 

Does even “Conservative” JON HUSTED believe that?!?

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