From the daily archives: Monday, April 12, 2010

Lee Fisher’s campaign thinks it’s an amazing thing that it took until the final three weeks of the campaign for Lee Fisher to get the endorsement of Frank Jackson, the Mayor of Cleveland.  Frankly, I am AMAZED that it took that long to get the endorsement of Fisher’s “home” mayor.

In other news, Fisher is following Husted’s lead in starting his television ad buy.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Mark Naymik, Fisher’s first television ads will air on Friday, because the weekend is actually when you’re going to grab the attention of the average undecided Democratic primary […]

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Jon Husted is spinning the Cleveland Plain Dealer that his ad has absolutely nothing to do with his Tea Party favorite opponent Sandra O’Brien…

But Husted said the rollout of the TV ad has nothing to do with O?Brien. He said he?s just trying to introduce himself to as many Ohio voters as possible. The campaign would have run the ad even if he had no opponent in the primary, he said.

“We?re trying to get the message out about who I am and what I stand for,” Husted said.

Yes, because all political ads seeking […]

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(HT: Lisa Renee at Glass City Jungle)

Today, Dayton Daily News points out that the guy who wrote this:

Also, happens to be the father of a half-Latino son.

Turner said the comments upset her because she and Thomas have a 6-year-old son who is part Hispanic.

?Basically, it?s like he?s saying he hates his son,? Turner said.

Just when you didn’t think what Sonny Thomas said couldn’t get any worse.

A separate article in today’s DDN covers that the Springboro Tea Party leader just recently got visitation rights […]

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Just in case you were wondering:

Announcer:? Defending our liberty begins with leaders who fight for our families.

Announcer:? Jon Husted, A conservative leader.? Jon Husted stood up to liberal ACORN, to stop electoral fraud.? Jon Husted protected public prayer in the statehouse, because our rights are God given.?

Announcer:? A family man, Jon Husted wants to stop immoral government debt , to protect our children?s liberty.?

Announcer:? Jon Husted, a conservative for Secretary of State.

LMAO.? In case you forgot, the House prayer was in “jeopardy” because as Speaker, Husted allowed a minister to give a […]

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Jon Husted’s initial ad buy is big.  He’s spending over $50k in committed ad time on Channels 4 and 10 in Columbus alone between now and the primary.  And when I mean now, I mean right now.

Where in most people, myself included, thought that the Secretary of State race was a likely Republican takeover given Husted’s impressive campaign warchest (over $2 million) and recruitment problems on the Democratic side, Sandy O’Brien is haunting Husted with the ghost of Janette Bradley’s doomed primary in 2006.  Unlike Bradley, Husted does seem to be taking O’Brien threat more seriously.

This, of course, […]

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There’s a shocker since not even John Kasich has been able to explain it, either.

As mentioned before, State Auditor Mary Taylor appeared on ONN’s “Capitol Square” which is like the Ohio version of “Meet the Press”, except virtually nobody watches it because most people don’t even have access to ONN (for example, neither basic cable or basic DirectTV carry the channel.) I’ve always wondered if the Dispatch Publishing Company, which owns ONN, ever thought about syndicating the show within the State to give it more exposure.  I’d bet they’d make more money off of it, too.  Anyway….

Taylor was […]

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