After the Dayton Daily News announced that two more scheduled speakers have announced that they will not attend the Springboro Tea Party rally over the racist Internet rants of its founder, Sonny Thomas has posted an incredible defense over this racist tweet:

Springboro Tea Party Tweet

According to Mr. Thomas statement released on the Springboro Tea Party’s website, you can blame the Bee Gees and Steve Jobs…

“As I am a lifetime music lover of all genres, I always have some sort of song that can fit almost any occasion or situation. Coincidently the song ?Spicks and Specks? by the Bee Gees had been on my player. I made the reference to the song not stopping to think of the era that it was produced and taken out of context could be offensive to some people. (emphasis added.)

In case you were wondering whether the Bee Gees released an un-P.C. song referring to Latinos as “Spics” that has been covered up almost as well as Disney as the movie “The Song of the South,” um, no, that’s the one musical sin they DIDN’T do as these lyrics make clear.

It’s about the only time I bet the Bee Gees’ work has even been accused of subliminally promoting the idea of gunning down immigrants.

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  • mvirenicus

    are there any black guys in the bee gees? hmm…?

  • Just read the lyrics to that Bee Gee song and, like everything else about the Bee Gees, I still have no fucking clue what the hell they are talking about.

    I figure it has something to do with cocaine, PCP and wife swapping.

    Ah, the 70's.

  • modernesquire

    Good point, but I can't imagine anyone clamoring to be in the Bee Gees.

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  • mvirenicus

    i guess this is just another thing that separates me from the rest of you dems, but i like the bee gees. i prefer their earlier folksy stuff, but i can even go for their “saturday night fever” material when the mood strikes me. but i never once saw a black guy in the bunch.

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  • I'm not saying the Bee Gees don't make me tap my foot and hum along. But you can tell by the way that I use my walk that I still don't get the post-hippie, pre-Reagan, polyester music any more than I get Glee.

    Tapping my foot.

    Biting my tongue.

  • +1. OMG, don't get me started on Glee.


  • mvirenicus

    oh, so you're gonna blame ronald reagan on the bee gees and make fun of maurice's folicle problems with the post-hippie quip! you suck!

  • mvirenicus

    i know that many people claim to not watch television, but in my case it's true. i don't watch tv. i had to google “glee” to find out what you two are yammering about. lol

  • mary jo

    Hi mvirenicus. I had to google glee too. I don't think we are missing too much! Mary Jo

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