So I emailed this post, about disappearing channels on my cable package, to someone at Time Warner yesterday.? I got a call last night saying Time Warner would visit this morning to fix the problem.

Boy, did I get a visit.

I answer the door knock, and THREE guys, count em, THREE guys from Time Warner Cable are standing there, equipped with all sorts of measuring thingies, with smiles on their faces.? I’m like….whoa.? You guys want some coffee?? Handshakes all around, I start laughing, and we all trudge upstairs.

The main dude goes to the back of the TV, turns a few fittings on the splitter, and voila, my lost channels are back.? Magic.

I stand there stunned.? I ask them why the guy from yesterday told me this was a problem with the system at Lakeside Ave., and wouldn’t even touch the set top box.? Main dude apologizes up and down, and then I’m apologizing up and down for making THREE, count em, THREE guys come out to my place to turn a few fittings on a splitter, which could have been done yesterday.? More apologies, laughs, handshakes.? As they walked out, I mentioned that if only I could get AT&T to respond with this level of service for my cell phone, I’d be in business.

So that’s how this little consumer product rant turned out.? Memo to big faceless corporations who simply don’t respond to their customers – if you respond in this manner, you will have a very happy customer.? I will now be able to watch Tiger Woods contend in the second round of the Masters today, CNN, and The Weather Channel (which ain’t all that great, because it’s now gotten really cold).

Textbook customer service, Time Warner, above and beyond the call of duty.? Thank you guys.