Yesterday, Joseph pointed out just how misleading The Other Paper’s story was.  Instead of truthfully pointing out that Gov. Strickland has used the plane substantially less than Taft did, thus saving taxpayers nearly a quarter of a million dollars, the reporter merely stated:

Besides, she added defensively, Strickland flies less often than his predecessors did.

Never mind that the savings from that far exceed the costs of having to do a flight out of Port Columbus.  If The Other Paper was interested in reporting the news, instead of letting its reporter push her political agenda, then it would have reported the difference.  It was a key fact in the story and the failure to include it can only be attributed to reporter bias.

Instead, we get an article quote ethics scandal figure Brian Hicks (although the article doesn’t mention that key fact regarding Hick’s credibility), that claims that Taft almost never did the same thing?

Oh, really?

Scott Pullins remembers it differently.

God, I hate the political silly season.

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