Here’s what the aggregate polling data in the Ohio Governor’s race looks like when you take Rasmussen out (which, because it has poll twice as often as others and has been an outlier, creates a distortion from the average that gives Rasmussen undue weight):


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  • john_edwards

    If you take out the most historically-accurate poll, then average all the most liberal polls, as cited by Talking Points Memo, and then close your eyes real hard and imagine a different universe where everything is turned upside down, then – and only then – you might conclude that Ted “do-nothing” Strickland has a shot of keeping his seat.

  • modernesquire

    Except I'm assuming your “most historically accurate poll” you are referring to is Rasmussen, which shows the race at the same margine as the average above.

    Strickland did nothing?
    Personal income taxes lowered 17%.
    Aggressive energy policy refor with one of the strongest alternative energy mandates in the Nation.

    Created the University System of Ohio to reform Ohio's colleges and universities. Kept tuition frozen for half his term have a decade of massive tuition increases.
    Passed the most fiscally conservative budgets in Ohio for the past forty years.

    Governor Strickland has done more than Republican Governors did in 16 years.

    Nice try, troll. Move along back to your Glenn Beck fueled fantasy land…

  • mvirenicus

    i don't believe it's a jesus fish unless clearly labeled as such or it says “IXNAY FISHAY” whatever.

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