The State Auditor GOP primary is starting to ensnarl the Kasich-Taylor.  The only problem is that its unofficial blogger is now in direct contradiction with Kasich’s running mate.  Earlier this week ORP-favored candidate David Yost proposed that the best way to solve Ohio’s budget problems (which could be resolved with giving the Senate Republicans a spine) was create a brand new commission that would give (shock!) the State Auditor’s Office more power.  Tea Party favorite, freshman State Rep. Seth Morgan questioned the plan.

And Jon Keeling went off on Morgan:

Naturally, his GOP primary opponent, Seth Morgan, came out against it? Why? I’m not really sure. It may be simply because he feels obligated just because he’s the opponent….because his reasoning makes little sense.

“To have the auditor of state who is tasked with issuing an objective and independent financial audit report being involved with placing their credibility on the estimates of the revenue itself creates the appearance of a lack of independence in issuing that financial audit report,? Morgan said.

Interestingly enough, Morgan stands with Governor Strickland and ODP Chairman Chris Redfern in opposition to Yost’s proposal. Considering the way Ohio has been run the past four years, is that really company Morgan would want to keep in an issue like this?

And State Auditor Mary Taylor?  According to ONN and the Columbus Dispatch, she apparently stands with Governor Strickland and ODP Chairman Chris Redfern:

?We would be concerned that their might be an independence issue if the legislature were to approve legislation?that required the auditor of state to participate in any budgeting process, and then after the fact would be required to go in and audit,? Taylor said Friday during a taping of ONN?s Capitol Square, which will air Sunday at 10 a.m., noon, and 7 p.m.

Keeling is apparently all a twittter on Twitter because ONN is billing the interview as Taylor’s views more broadly on the State Auditor’s race.

John Kasich’s campaign has gone out of their way to avoid any appearance of weighing in on this and the SoS primary for fear that it could upset the Tea Party since it was Yost who the ORP recruited (presumably with Kasich’s blessing) to run for State Auditor.  And Mary Taylor agreed to be interviewed on it…. and she just objected to the ORP-endorsed candidate’s only policy he’s announced for the State Auditor.

It’s going to be an interesting three weeks.

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