The Plain Dealer has its Voter Guide up and running for 2010.

The guide allows voters to compare, side-by-side, biographical information on all of the candidates in a certain race along with each candidate’s answers to questions about important issues facing Ohioans.

For the Governor’s race, the questions are direct and fair and deal with jobs, the budget, taxes, etc. The questions are also pretty specific. “How do you plan to hold costs down in the next state budget?” and how will you address the unemployment rate.

Ted Strickland provided good answers covering his current accomplishments and what he plans to do going forward into his next term.

Ken Matesz, the Libertarian candidate, and Dennis Spisak, the Green Party candidate, also provided answers to the questions.

Under the Republican candidate it simply says “John Kasich: Candidate has not responded.

This isn’t too surprising though. As we’ve noted time and again, John Kasich has nothing to offer in this campaign by way of ideas or solutions. He’s still hoping he can run on the fact that he isn’t the incumbent during a globally bad economic crisis. His entire campaign strategy seems to be pointing out any and every problem Ohio faces while declining to answer any question about how a Kasich administration might address those issues differently.

As far as providing a comparison between the candidates for Ohio Governor, I think this voter guide is pretty accurate.

Ted Strickland is willing to step up and face Ohio’s challenges head on. John Kasich “has not responded.”