From the daily archives: Friday, April 9, 2010

First, I want to personally thank Lyndsey Teeter for showing up and responding in the comments here at Plunderbund. I called her out in an earlier post and gave her a lot of shit for her Other Paper piece on Governor Strickland. And though I don’t necessarily agree with her, I have to admit that it takes some guts to show up here at PB to defend yourself – especially now that Tim is a regular contributor. 😉

I hope you don’t take our critique personally Lyndsey. But I feel like it’s our job here at Plunderbund to call […]

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Watch this whole thing.? It’s wild.

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The State Auditor GOP primary is starting to ensnarl the Kasich-Taylor.  The only problem is that its unofficial blogger is now in direct contradiction with Kasich’s running mate.  Earlier this week ORP-favored candidate David Yost proposed that the best way to solve Ohio’s budget problems (which could be resolved with giving the Senate Republicans a spine) was create a brand new commission that would give (shock!) the State Auditor’s Office more power.  Tea Party favorite, freshman State Rep. Seth Morgan questioned the plan.

And Jon Keeling went off on Morgan:

Naturally, his GOP primary opponent, Seth Morgan, came […]

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According to HuffPo, 31 State GOP Chairpersons have signed a letter supporting embattled RNC Chairman Michael Steele.

Kevin DeWine’s name isn’t on it… yet, but CNN reports that additional state party chairman are expected to add their names to the letter in the coming days.

Back when people still remember the Ohio GOP for their “Culture of Corruption” that lead to their massive defeat in 2006, ORP Chairman Kevin DeWine pledged a zero tolerance policy in the party for misconduct.

Does this apply to the RNC, Kevin?

Can’t wait to hear.

(And while we’re waiting to hear on […]

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The Plain Dealer has its Voter Guide up and running for 2010.

The guide allows voters to compare, side-by-side, biographical information on all of the candidates in a certain race along with each candidate’s answers to questions about important issues facing Ohioans.

For the Governor’s race, the questions are direct and fair and deal with jobs, the budget, taxes, etc. The questions are also pretty specific. “How do you plan to hold costs down in the next state budget?” and how will you address the unemployment rate.

Ted Strickland provided good answers covering his current accomplishments and what he […]

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Here’s what the aggregate polling data in the Ohio Governor’s race looks like when you take Rasmussen out (which, because it has poll twice as often as others and has been an outlier, creates a distortion from the average that gives Rasmussen undue weight):


Happy belated Easter?

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Yesterday, Joseph pointed out just how misleading The Other Paper’s story was.  Instead of truthfully pointing out that Gov. Strickland has used the plane substantially less than Taft did, thus saving taxpayers nearly a quarter of a million dollars, the reporter merely stated:

Besides, she added defensively, Strickland flies less often than his predecessors did.

Never mind that the savings from that far exceed the costs of having to do a flight out of Port Columbus.  If The Other Paper was interested in reporting the news, instead of letting its reporter push her political agenda, then […]

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So I emailed this post, about disappearing channels on my cable package, to someone at Time Warner yesterday.? I got a call last night saying Time Warner would visit this morning to fix the problem.

Boy, did I get a visit.

I answer the door knock, and THREE guys, count em, THREE guys from Time Warner Cable are standing there, equipped with all sorts of measuring thingies, with smiles on their faces.? I’m like….whoa.? You guys want some coffee?? Handshakes all around, I start laughing, and we all trudge upstairs.

The main dude goes to the back of the […]

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News this morning that Bart Stupak is retiring from Congress, rather than face a primary from his left, and teabaggers on his right.? Two months ago, Bart Stupak probably thought he was the most powerful man in Congress.? Now, he’s done.? I think this is a big moment.

Stupak attempted to play a very 90’s style of politics by inserting abortion into the health care reform debate.? Hard to blame him.? Stupak is a product of the culture war of the 1960’s and the resulting politics of the 1990’s, a grudge match between the left and the right whose battlefield […]

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