Consumer product rant alert.

I have Time Warner Cable TV and broadband internet.? A few weeks ago, channels started disappearing from my TV.? Important ones.? Like CNN – kinda important for a blogger running for office.? The Weather Channel – kinda important for a guy who travels a lot.


Yes, ESPN.? As the Cavs are about to start a historic playoff run to a likely NBA championship.? Which would be Cleveland’s first pro sports championship of any kind since 1964.


So I waited for the channels to magically re-appear, as they sometimes do, but they never did.? Called for customer service, they sent out the cable guy.? You know the drill, waste your whole morning waiting for the cable guy to visit at any point in a 4 hour period, that drill.? Guy shows up, and tells me he can’t do a thing.

Turns out something like 90,000 Time Warner Cable customers have this problem, for about two months, and the problem is located at the Lakeside Ave. downtown Cleveland facility, and there’s nothing a cable guy can do about it. ? In March, Time Warner told Fox8 News that the problem was with set top boxes. Wrong.? I asked why they sent him out here, then.? Cable guy says he’s been visiting people for weeks just delivering the news that he can’t help.? I asked why Time Warner’s customer call center didn’t just tell me this on the phone, instead of wasting my morning waiting for a cable guy to come over and tell me he can’t do anything.? He didn’t know why.

So I decided I would blog about this, and email it to Time Warner in Cleveland, and let them know that if there is a Cavs playoff game on any channel which has magically disappeared from Time Warner Cable, before Time Warner Cable fixes this problem, Time Warner in Cleveland will have a riot on its hands.

I’m told I’ll be getting a month or two free service because of this.? I plan to hold them to that.