How bad is Lee Fisher’s Leebagging?? He’s taking the side of Rush Limbaugh, and specifically, Limbaugh’s Operation Chaos in 2008.? It’s pretty damn obvious.

Proving yet again that Jennifer Brunner, simply by enforcing the law, puts sunlight on truth, Brunner’s directive is remarkably revealing.? By forcing anyone asking to switch party ballots on May 4 primary day to comply with the law, and sign a declaration adhering to that party’s principles, Brunner has put a lot of sunlight on who these party switchers really are.? This Dispatch story details it starkly.

In Cuyahoga County, for example, the number of Democrats switching to the GOP outnumbered Republicans becoming Democrats by nearly 7 to 1 as of Tuesday. Two years ago, nearly five times as many Republicans switched in Ohio’s largest county.

Democrats lead the party conversions by almost 9 to 1 in Hamilton County, while it’s about 6 to 1 in Franklin County. Statewide totals aren’t available, but the three counties contain about?30 percent of all registered voters in Ohio.

Why do all these Democrats want to switch to the Republican Party?? Because they aren’t Democrats.? They are not Democrats disgruntled with Washington, or health care reform, or bailouts, or Barack Obama.? That’s just laughable.

They are Republicans who in 2008 asked for the Democratic ballot in order to vote for Hillary Clinton so that Barack Obama would either lose, or would continue to be bloodied by a prolonged primary.? We all know that.? In fact, Rush Limbaugh made this a crusade. There has no been no real measurement of how many of these Limbots actually asked for the Democratic primary ballot in 2008 in Ohio.

Until now.

In 2008, for example, conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh encouraged Ohio Republicans to ignore the law and vote in the Democratic primary as part of “Operation Chaos” to prolong the Democratic nomination fight.

In Franklin County two years ago, about 5 percent of voters who requested the Democratic ballot were Republicans. But of the absentee requests so far this year, only 1 percent of those requesting Democratic ballots are Republicans – while 8 percent of Republican-ballot requests are from Democrats.

Get that?? This tide of voters switching to the GOP are not new Republicans, they are switching BACK to the GOP, after trying to screw with the Democratic primary in 2008.?? In essence, they are teabaggers.? Now, Lee Fisher is Leebagging those teabaggers, telling them they are free to fuck with Democrats all they want.

Once again, as Modern noted earlier, Lee Fisher is repelling the voters who he needs to win an election, namely, Democrats who actually are Democrats who actually do vote in Democratic primaries.? I can’t think of anything more repulsive than a Democrat taking sides with Rush Limbaugh.? But that’s what Lee Fisher is doing, precisely.