From the daily archives: Thursday, April 8, 2010

Earlier this week, Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray announced a $9 million settlement with AIG for conspiring with rivals to jack up insurance premiums.

The Ohio Republican Party thought they smelled a political winner by claiming that the lawsuit was actually a winner for private lawyers who handled the case after donating money to Cordray’s campaign.

So, being Republicans, Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine attacked Cordray by claiming that he and Marc Dann (who had filed the suit) used the suit to reward their campaign donors by steering the work to them.

The Ohio GOP message machine felt […]

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How bad is Lee Fisher’s Leebagging?? He’s taking the side of Rush Limbaugh, and specifically, Limbaugh’s Operation Chaos in 2008.? It’s pretty damn obvious.

Proving yet again that Jennifer Brunner, simply by enforcing the law, puts sunlight on truth, Brunner’s directive is remarkably revealing.? By forcing anyone asking to switch party ballots on May 4 primary day to comply with the law, and sign a declaration adhering to that party’s principles, Brunner has put a lot of sunlight on who these party switchers really are.? This Dispatch story details it starkly.

In Cuyahoga County, for example, the number […]

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Joseph did a good job point out the obvious flaw of The Other Paper story, by pointing out that first the Paper only mentioned something that amounted to a cost of $4k/per year, but then also neglecting to mention that the Strickland Administration has saved nearly a quarter of a million dollars by using the State plane less than Bob Taft did.

The problem is that Matt Naugle and the Carpetblogger from Virginia are so desperate to go dirty on Strickland and sling mud that they eagerly ran with the Other Paper‘s story without […]

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The Other Paper’s Lyndsey Teter was searching for a big, breaking news story with her latest front page article “Tarmac Transgressions” which accuses Governor Strickland of abusing his ODOT-operated plane, costing “taxpayers extra thousands each year.”

What she actually ended up with is a great example of a poorly sourced article that completely misses the point.

To be fair, she did go through the trouble to figure out that the total extra cost incurred by Governor Strickland for adding an extra leg on to his flight was less than $4,000.

But she failed to compare Strickland’s total usage to […]

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There’s a cardinal rule of campaigns: front runners coasting to a likely victory don’t go negative.

Lee Fisher is sitting on a seven-point lead against Jennifer Brunner, according to  the latest Quinnipiac.  So why would Fisher need to go negative?  Because Lee Fisher’s “lead” has more caveats than Mark McGwire’s baseball stats.

The first problem for Fisher is that a whopping 40% of the likely Democratic vote is still undecided.  That alone is more than enough for Brunner to come out on top.  Second, the Quinnpiac poll is the first poll to show Fisher break into the 30s… […]

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Consumer product rant alert.

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Hi Jennifer.? Hope things are going well.? Heard you got a really cool campaign bus – awesome!? I want to take a ride on it someday.?? Anyway, let’s get right to the matter at hand.

Your opponent, Lee Fisher, apparently has become a Republican.? I know, weird, ain’t it?? He’s got the Ohio GOP doing backflips of glee, right wing bloggers are suddenly very proud of Lee Fisher, he’s even got the DSCC jumping when Kevin Dewine says “jump”. Lee Fisher is teabaggging so much these days, I’d start calling his supporters “Leebaggers”, except I can’t really find […]

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I am increasingly convinced that Glenn Beck doesn’t even believe most of what he says. He’s only interested in fleecing his gullible flock. Which he does exceptionally well.

Take this Forbes article, for example.

With a deadpan, Beck insists that he is not political: “I could give a flying crap about the political process.” Making money, on the other hand, is to be taken very seriously, and controversy is its own coinage. “We’re an entertainment company,” Beck says.

I especially wanted to single this next bit out; Beck’s bestselling ode to Thomas Paine was poorly researched off-the-cuff effort that […]

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