It’s pretty clear Lee Fisher is going for the teabagger vote.? Today, Lee echoed every right wing smear in the Ohio blogosphere over Jennifer Brunner’s decision to enforce a law on the books requiring you to declare your party if you ask for that party’s primary ballot after voting in the other party’s primary.? Here’s the email.

Dear Friend,

I believe in opening up the voting process, not turning people away from it. But the recent last minute decision of the Secretary of State to require primary voters to sign a political party loyalty oath in order to switch parties does exactly the opposite.

It creates roadblocks to voting, disenfranchises voters, and creates the potential for thousands of votes to be left uncounted.

This inexplicable and confusing decision is wrong and the Secretary of State should reverse it.

We need to keep our elections open and inclusive. Sign my petition to reverse the Secretary of State’s directive and end this loyalty oath!

Late on a Friday afternoon and just a few days before absentee ballots were to be mailed to voters, the Secretary of State issued a directive commanding local elections officials to overturn years of precedent by stringently enforcing a law that had always been open to interpretation by county boards. The decision has caused confusion among a number of elections officials, and in some cases raised doubts about whether absentee ballots will have to be mailed again.

It’s a bad law and should be repealed. But as a former Ohio Attorney General, I know that laws are open to a fair and practical interpretation. The Secretary of State clearly had the discretion not to issue such a directive. In fact, in 2008, the Secretary of State suggested this same law was unenforceable, saying, “we have to be very careful about prosecuting someone for speech.”

Now she has reversed herself, taking the most restrictive stand possible — subjecting voters to a possible felony charge and prison sentence simply because they want to vote in a different primary than they had before.

That’s not democracy; it’s not reform; and issuing this 11th hour directive certainly doesn’t show courage.

Sometimes it’s courageous to admit you’re wrong and reverse your decision. And that’s exactly what the Secretary of State should do in this case. She should allow local elections officials to do what they’ve always done — interpret the law in a way that favors the ability of people to exercise their sacred right to vote.

The Akron Beacon Journal1, Cleveland Plain Dealer2, Columbus Dispatch3, and the Dayton Daily News4 — and people across the political spectrum — have spoken out against this very disturbing decision.

Sign our petition to reverse the Secretary of State’s directive and to end this outrageous loyalty oath today!

At a time when the difference between the two national parties could not be more stark, we should be making the Democratic Party as open and inclusive as possible instead of placing barriers to entry in front of those who want to join the party of progress.


Lee Fisher
Candidate for U.S. Senate

Couple things.? All of this democracy purity horseshit is quite rich coming from a guy who forced a voice vote that he could observe and take notes on at the Wood County Democratic Party endorsement, which Lee of course, lost.? This also proves that Lee Fisher has finally realized he has to go negative on Jennifer Brunner, because if he doesn’t, he’s going to lose.

But more importantly, Lee Fisher is basically going for teabaggers.? Why would Lee Fisher go for teabaggers?? Because primary voters on the Dem primary list include anyone who crossed over in 2008 to vote for Hillary Clinton based on the Rush Limbaugh Operation Chaos, and Dems who bought into the anti-Obama race baiting.? These people are probably showing up in Lee’s polling, and Lee is making a blatant play for them with this email, and his latest mailer.

Problem with that being these are not Dem primary voters who will turn out for the Dem primary in 2010, because they are borderline teabaggers.? Tebagging them, as Lee has clearly made a strategic decision to do, isn’t going to get them to vote for Lee, let alone turnout on May 4 and ask for the Democratic ballot.

This will probably backfire on Lee, just like everything else Lee does.

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