Jon Keeling, the unofficial blogger of the Kasich campaign has officially announced the absolute abandonment of John Kasich’s entire platform today:

It’s a joke that Strickland and his lackeys have attempted to smear Kasich for cuts he hasn’t even suggested…

You know Keeling, if John Kasich wants to show that his tax plan won’t result in less money for libraries, prisons, and public schools, then he could resolve the issue by simply answer one basic question: HOW… ARE…. YOU… GONNA…. PAY…. FOR…. IT?!?? If Kasich’s tax plan isn’t going to require the cuts that the LSC has suggested would need to be done, where is he going to cut elsewhere to offset the cuts the LSC projects would need to be made?? Back in 2007, Kasich formed Recharge Ohio on the very tax platform he is running on now.? He’s told thousands, if not millions, of Ohioans that this platform is a panacea to cure all of Ohio’s economic ills, and yet, THREE YEARS LATER he still cannot give even the most basic outline of how it could be paid for!

Kasich & Keeling cannot continue to avoid the fact that Kasich’s plan will call for massive spending cuts, and until they’re ready to explain what they’ll do, they’re leaving it to the LSC (not the Democrats) to figure it out for us.

I mean given his “legendary” budgetary greatness followed by the actuarial prowess of State Auditor Mary Taylor, it seem odds that John Kasich has no answer to that question, and yet wants to criticize Governor Strickland over his plan to resolve a much smaller deficit that has yet to actually occur?

John Kasich’s won’t answer the question because he has none.? And to the extent has has, he knows that it would acknowledge a political pain that would turn off most Ohioans.? That’s why he won’t answer it.? He wants people to think of only the potential gain, but not the costs.? Its snake oil salesman technique 101.

Prisons will HAVE to be closed.? The Ohio Highway Patrol will have to be disbanded and its duties assigned to local enforcement.? Road construction and infrastructure will come to a halt.? Social services will be terminated.? School districts and colleges will have to close.? Care for the elderly will suffer.? And property taxes and local sales taxes will HAVE to skyrocket.? These are unavoidable consequences of Kasich’s tax plan.

Because you cannot get rid of nearly half of the State’s revenues without getting rid of half of its spending.? It cannot be done otherwise.? And unless Kasich is planning to offset that costs with higher taxes elsewhere, he’s going to have to cut State government down to practically nothing.

If Keeling doesn’t believe Kasich will make the cuts that the LSC believes will be necessary under his tax plan, then perhaps he should use his influence over the campaign to get them to disclose where they WILL make the cuts necessary to pay for his tax plans.

Instead, Kasich is being as secretive about it as he is about his role at Lehman Bros.

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