Rachel Maddow takes the unedited tape from the O’Keefe/Giles videos, compares it to the stuff that was run on FOX News, and blows the entire operation out of the water.

Everyone – and I do mean everyone – who was out there screaming about ACORN aiding and abetting prostitution and human trafficking owes it to themselves to watch this video, understand how (and why) they were duped, and then own up to the fact that a (flawed) organization that helped a lot of low income people put roofs over their heads has been driven out of business by partisan bloodlust.

You can see it at MaddowBlog.

I know our right-wing readers won’t, but guys… if you have any shred of integrity and dignity left you really should. Actions have consequences, and your eagerness for your “team” to win – even if they have to lie to do so – has unnecessarily hurt a lot of people. Maybe you were duped; maybe you believed the tapes to be genuine. If so, you owe it to yourself to stop getting your “news” from lying charlatans like Glenn Beck and Hannity.