Actor (most famously in Stand By Me and “Star Trek: The Next Generation, and some hilarious cameos on “The Big Bang Theory”) and author (I highly recommend Just a Geek, BTW) Wil Wheaton sent this across on Twitter earlier today:

This is why the news media in America is a complete joke. Comparison of CNN vs. Al Jazeera’s home pages today:

Boy, you’d almost forget we are at war. And that is the so-called “Communist News Network”, if you believe the Teabaggers. Which is a silly thing to do, of course.

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Update: To be clear, the issue is that there is video that shows US troops killing Iraqi civilians – apparently intentionally generating “collateral damage” – and our media is dead silent about it. This is real news. And, to be extra clear, the issue isn’t with individual soldiers, necessarily, but the entire mess, ROE, etc. And, specifically, that our democracy is unable to function without a robust media willing to actually examine issues.

  • adrienne

    Agreed Brian. I noticed with OJ Simpson, then Anna Nicole then Michael Jackson…. dont get me wrong all very interesting but not the “news”. Of course the MSM is failing us, that's why we dont' really know what's going on.


  • mvirenicus

    i watched the 2008 version of “the day the earth stood still” with keanu reeves the other night. aliens invade earth. they remove all non-human animals from the planet with the intent of returning them to a world scrubbed of humanity, a “destructive species.” great story. but then the whole flick went bad when the lead alien saw a woman hug a little boy and decide that humanity is worth saving. the media and entertainment industries often get it half right.

  • I watched CNN for awhile yesterday evening and didn't see any Tiger stories. Coverage was focused almost exclusively on the mine disasters in Kentucky and China – which are also on the Al Jazeera site.

    Didn't see the story about the killings in Iraq until this morning but it's the lead story on CNN's website now. However their interpretation is a little different than what you describe.

    My guess is that CNN got the video but didn't run it until they had more information about what was really happening in the video. Which is exactly what a proper news organization should do.

    I'm not trying to defend CNN here – I can't watch it during the weekend with all of their entertainment and money and medical shows – but I think they do a pretty good job of getting properly sourced and accurate information out there as soon as they can.

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