And here I was thinking we put the whole Obama-is-a-secret-Muslim thing behind us months ago.

I guess I was wrong.

I just got an email titled “Muslims Get to OPT OUT of ObamaC*are!”

Notice the little asterisk after the C that is supposed to look like a crescent and star? Cute. It goes well with the attached image:

The email was from one Lawrence A. Hunter, President of the Social Security Institute.

According to their missing mission statement, the SSI is “a national, 501(c)(4) non-profit, non-partisan seniors? advocacy organization.”

It looks like somewhere along the way they lost focus on their mission, morphing into a highly-partisan adversary of President Obama’s Health Care Reform initiative, hell bent on promoting fear and anger against the bill and the president through any means necessary including accusing President Obanma, yet again, of being a secret muslim who is using his stolen power to push for Sharia Law in the US and to discriminate against helpless Jewish and Christian Americans.

I did a quick search for Larry.

Here’s his contact info…

Lawrence A. Hunter, Ph.D
(540) 349 2360

He certainly does come with a good set of right-wing credentials. Not only does he have nine kids, like every good wingnut should, but he’s also the former and/or current member of multiple Dick Armey-related groups including FreedomWorks, “the Wall Street front group that helped launch the Tea Party Movement.”

And I’d expect nothing less from a guy who sent me an email claiming:

  • “ObamaCare discriminates against Christians and Jews by denying them special exemptions extended to other religions.”
  • The health care bill is a “theft committed by rouge politicians under the color of law with the threat of violence for non-compliance.”
  • “ObamaCare holds Sharia Law?s prohibition against gambling above the law of the land”
  • The bill is “the single biggest act of discrimination enacted under the color of law since Jim Crow Laws”

Larry’s only purpose here is incite anger and hatred – if not outright violence – toward our duly elected President and members of Congress by stirring up religous bigotry and intollerance, drawing on the old “Obama is a secret Muslim” lie that no rational person ever believed in the first place.

It’s nasty. It’s dangerous. And, most importantly, it’s all a load of shit.

The entire premise of his argument is that Obama inserted language into the health care bill to allow his Muslim brothers to opt out of the insurance mandate.

But the bill (text here) provides exactly the same exemptions for the health care insurance mandate that are currently used for social security in the existing tax code (text here. Exactly the same, except for one small thing.

The only change the new health care bill makes is to add an exemption for Christian organizations called health care sharing ministries. According to their website, sharing ministries are “founded on the biblical mandate of believers to share each other?s needs” with a goal to “apply Galatians 6:2, ‘Bear one another?s burdens, and thus fulfill the law of Christ'”.

Do you need me to wrap this one up for you?

Larry Hunter is lying, radical, right-wing fucktard.

The end.

  • “According to their missing statement”

    Best Freudian slip ever!

  • Minnesota

    I am grateful the rumor is not true; however, I am turned off by the tone and language you use.

    I'm not a member of any political party, I just consider myself an American. If we want what's best for this country, we might just consider some things I learned in first grade–respect that others have opinions that might differ from mine, and to share–maybe share facts to make points.

  • mvirenicus

    nope. ain't gonna happen. not since the gop, teabaggers, assorted xians and all the other various shades of the american right have made it impossible to hold any meaningful discourse over their whining, ranting and constant emotional appeals that amount to a wholelotta destructive horseshit. my solution is simple. in my america, which would be a socialist america, these people would be told to STFU in public or be institutionalized. i am certain my opinion on this matter is not shared by the good democratic mainstreamers who own and operate this blog, but rest assured there are those of us who would take this approach very seriously.

  • mvirenicus

    sorry. this was intended as a response to “minnesota.”

  • matt1960

    lucky we have you open minded, diverse, inclusive people like you, with your universal kindness, and acceptance of everyone ideas, otherwise people would be getting called names ….

    tea bagging is what you people do to get your jollies… it seems odd you would use it in a derogatory sense.

    why does your chosen one, b. hussein obama, not produce his birth certificate!?

    sure would shut allot of people up, he does not have one, therefore he cannot show it.

    your boy is not the great unifier, no,no,no, he is the great divider.

    you will eat your words, one day.

  • Brian

    Typical left wing pablum. Never got around to addressing the subject with any proof. Just went straight to tryong to discredit the source. An old and tired trick

  • Shirleya2007

    Yes, and Obama is reaching out to make any fundamental changes he can that will destroy our country. Its time for our country to stand up for
    whats right before we are totally transformed. Yes larry Hunter is a lying,
    radical, right-wing fucktard.

  • Cybersleuth58

    I came across this $HIT on And I had to DIG to find anything not written by RWNJ’s. Can someone PLEASE help me with a few things?

    a. Why are they ALWAYS victims?

    b. Please tell me why they have so much control over the information available?

    c. Please help me to understand why anyone with a > 4th grade education or an IQ in the double digits would believe this? But in checking my spam bin I discovered that I have received this mass email several times.

    Tell me if I miss anyone. The right has pissed off African Americans, Immigrants, Hispanics, Muslims, Seniors, Feminists, the LGBT community, umm… there are more but I am blanking. How can they possibly win seats in the coming election?

    For anyone who is turned off by the “tone and language” you used… At first it might have been amusing. But what tone do you want people to take with those whose purpose is clearly divisiveness. Nope, I think you are absolutely right. These jerks are no less dangerous as any other redneck whose purpose it is to see that innocent people in a target group are hurt. Any tolerance of such malignancy is inexcusable. It is time these people be made to answer for the malignancy they are spreading in this country.

  • Calico1224

    Religious exemptions do include Muslims and others……

  • Karl

    In general I like what is said, just not the sort of language being used to say it.

    If the use of profanity is required to get across your message you are not a logical rational advocate for your opinion.

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