Lest their be any question just how much Jon Husted is concerned about being upset by Sandra O’Brien, consider this recent incident involving the Springboro Tea Party.

Meet Sonny Thomas, Founder of the Springboro Tea Party (STP, not to be confused with Stone Temple Pilots or an oil additive).

According to the Dayton Daily News, State Rep. Shannon Jones, who is in a hotly contested Republican primary against fellow conservative State Rep. Michelle Schneider for the State Senate seat (Jones was appointed to the seat recently after the death of State Senator Schuler, although Schuler (who was term limited) had all but endorsed Schneider to replace him) has dropped out of the upcoming rally by the STP due to Thomas’ recent comments on Twitter that Jones felt were “really racially insensitive” about Latinos.

Now Shannon Jones is no PC-activist by any stretch of the imagination.? (She’s the co-sponsor of one of the proposals to amend Ohio’s Constitution to block health care reform adopting the radical, pre-Confederacy doctrine of state nullification.)

And what does Jon Husted’s campaign say in response?

Last week, Sen. Jon Husted, R-Kettering, a candidate for Ohio Secretary of State, was weighing whether to attend the event to be held in North Park in Springboro.

?We haven?t made a decision yet if he is going to do it,? Ryan Frazee of the Husted campaign said in an email.

Undecided.? Can’t decide if the political liability of appearing with someone too racist for Shannon Jones is worth the political risk of losing even more Tea Party votes to Sandra O’Brien.

Meanwhile, a review of Mr. Thomas’ twitter account find the “tweet” in question.? Here’s what Mr. Thomas had to say during the most recent health care reform protest in D.C. (during a much largely pro-immigration reform rally held the same day):

Springboro Tea Party Tweet

Then there’s? this one after health care reform passed:

This is equivilant to the firing on fort sumpter in 1861! Alk hail the new Confederacy! X 7:01 PM Mar 21st via txt

And a quick review of his tweet will reveal Mr. Thomas to be the pro-militia, neo-Confederate he plainly is.? But it’s not like this should be shocking to Rep. Jones, after all, what else would you expect from some who lists Robert E. Lee and John C. Calhoun as ideological role models.

And what does it say about Jon Husted Tea Party panic that he’s indecisive about whether to openly associate with the likes of Mr. Thomas’ nativist, neo-confederacy views?

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