It’s been a busy few days with all of the local, state and national news coverage of the race between Governor Strickland and his Republican challenger John Kasich. Fortunately for us, most of the news was pretty bad for Johnny boy this week.

To be fair, most people haven’t been paying attention to the race. And most people probably won’t be paying attention for a few more months.

But for the casual observer, I think two of the articles that came out on Friday provide some very important information about the two candidates that should be taken to heart and remembered over the next few months.

I’ll let the professional reporters tell the story for me…

From the Plain Dealer:

“Kasich earned a salary of $182,622 from Lehman in 2008 and was paid a $432,200 bonus. His pay package included nearly $30,000 in pre-tax benefits such as health care.”

And from The Dispatch:

“Strickland has refused statutory pay increases since he became governor and he pays the cost of his own health care.”

Any questions?