I just read Mark Naymik’s column in the Plain Dealer giving a preview of how Kasich and Strickland fared in their respective interviews with the PD.? In explaining why Kasich has given no indication on how he’ll pay for his income tax repeal, Kasich said:

“I will be more specific with you all when we get to the fall and people are not watching the WWF and might want to pay attention.”

First, it’s the WWE, not the WWF.? It hasn’t been called the WWF since 2002.? Geez.? Second, don’t blame your inability to explain YOUR OWN PLATFORM on the people of Ohio.? What Kasich really wants to do is avoid any debate of the cost of his plan as long as possible so it’ll get lost in the noise of a full-fledge general election campaign.

Of course, Kasich gave Mark Naymik another reason why Kasich can’t answer the basic question of how will he pay for his tax repeals:

“Let’s be clear about income taxes — if I could figure out a way over time to reduce that tax or eliminate that tax, that’s good for business,” he said.


Which means that Kasich hasn’t figured it out yet.? After all, this is a guy who famously said he hopes to have it 70% figured out before the general election.

What’s it going to take for the Ohio media to finally report that former House Budget Chairman John Kasich & State Auditor Mary Taylor, despite their supposed budgetary “genius” have no freaking clue how they’d pay for the centerpiece of their entire campaign?

Would a USA Today-style graph help them?

Seriously?? How does John Kasich get away with it?

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