From the daily archives: Friday, April 2, 2010

Ohio Chief Justice Thomas Moyer, who was in the sunset of his long career on Ohio’s Supreme Court, died unexpectedly of natural causes today.?

While he was a Republican jurist whose jurisprudence I disagreed with occasionally, he was someone I respected greatly as a person dedicated to improve the justice system and guarded of its reputation.? Moyer was the longest chief justice of any state’s Supreme Court in the nation.

Governor Ted Strickland has ordered all state flags to be flown at half mast and issued this statement:

I am saddened to learn of the passing of my friend and […]

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Except that the tax return (Kasich only provide access to reporters, for 15 minutes, denied any copying and only permitted notetaking) showed that Kasich actually did receive a bonus that essentially tripled his annual salary the same year Lehman Bros. went into bankruptcy.

So, then Keeling pivots to:

With over $500k in compensation (most of it in “bonuses”) from a “bankrupt” company, who needed a golden parachute?

A “golden parachute” is normally a contractual agreement to prevent an executive from making the company subject to a hostile takeover by manipulating the company’s stock price […]

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Because the Carpetblogger lives in Virginia, the only measure he’s got for how the gubernatorial race is going is polling.? He’s absolutely obsessed with polls and distilling them into the most pro-Kasich spin possible.

It’s gotten so sad, that both this site and BSB has turned watching Keeling spinning into a spectator sport.

This morning, Keeling didn’t disappoint:

I guess my supposition about the poll trends from yesterday was more accurate than I expected:

Yes, November is a long ways away. I’m sure we’ll see these lines cross back and forth across each other a few times. […]

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[UPDATE:]? I noticed an error in my post’s title.? Actually, I was too generous to Kasich.? He actually made over $500k, mostly in bonuses, the same year Lehamn Bros. went into bankruptcy, not the year before.

Today is Good Friday, which makes today a better day than most to do what any fan of “The West Wing” knows would be known as “taking out the garbage day” in media spin.

After over a year of refusing to release any of his tax returns as gubernatorial candidates in the past have done, Kasich today released his 2009 tax return, which his […]

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The new jobs report came out and although it didn’t meet market expectations, it still is mostly good news.

The highlights:

Private employers added 123,000 jobs, the most since May 2007.

“It’s just the beginning of a rise in private hiring that will help sustain the recovery,” said Stuart Hoffman, chief economist at PNC Financial Services Group. “They’re not big numbers, but they’re welcome numbers.”

The unemployment rating didn’t change because:

More Americans entered the work force last month, which prevented the increase in jobs from reducing the unemployment rate.

In other words, a number of unemployed workers […]

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I just read Mark Naymik’s column in the Plain Dealer giving a preview of how Kasich and Strickland fared in their respective interviews with the PD.? In explaining why Kasich has given no indication on how he’ll pay for his income tax repeal, Kasich said:

“I will be more specific with you all when we get to the fall and people are not watching the WWF and might want to pay attention.”

First, it’s the WWE, not the WWF.? It hasn’t been called the WWF since 2002.? Geez.? Second, don’t blame your inability to explain YOUR OWN […]

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