My earlier take, and Andrew Sullivan’s today, match.

I don’t believe, in other words, that you can tackle this problem without seeing it as a symptom of a much deeper failure of the church to come to terms with sexuality, sexual orientation and the warping, psychologically distorting impact of compulsory celibacy in the priesthood. If women and married men were allowed to be priests, if homosexuality were regarded in Catholic theology as a healthy and rare difference rather than as a shameful disorder, this atmosphere would end, and these crimes would for the most part disappear and the cloying, closeted power-structure which enabled them to go unpunished for so long would finally crumble. And the church could grow again.

Through the truth, not around it. But it’s exactly that truth that this pontiff and his enablers refuse to acknowledge. It would kill them.

The Closet for a Catholic boy growing up gay is precisely as Andrew describes it, and as both Andrew and I experienced it first hand – all powerful, destined to lead all that succumb to it into total disaster, and of such a virulent hypocrisy its continued hold on the church is poison.? The Catholic Church is now becoming The Closet’s latest victim, whether the Pope wants to deal with that truth or not.

As Andrew notes, this is not that hard to understand.

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