I guess John Kasich didn’t get the memo from Tax Commissioner Levin about the drop in Ohio’s state tax burden. 33rd in the nation now. Way near the bottom. And way below Alaska (#1) and Wyoming (#2) – two states that have eliminated their personal income tax just like Kasich wants to do in Ohio.

So either John Kasich didn’t get this memo – or he is just flat out lying in his latest fundraising email, which starts like this:

April 15 — Tax Day — is just around the corner. In Ohio, our high tax burden has hurt our economy and been a barrier to job creation. That has to end and I am committed to doing everything I can to revive Ohio’s economy and create jobs.

And guess what follows that?

You guessed it: a plea for contributions to his campaign.

To make this happen, I need your continued support. This Tax Day, do something real to make your voice heard — and actually reduce your tax bill. Ohio law allows for a dollar-for-dollar tax credit of up to $50 for an individual and up to $100 for married couples filing jointly for making a contribution to a candidate for state office. You can make a contribution to my campaign for Governor this year and claim your tax credit on your 2010 Ohio tax form.

You can’t just make crap up, John, and then expect people to give you cash based on that lie.

Well you can, I guess.

But you’ll eventually end up looking like this guy.