What I’ve been suspecting for some time is coming to pass, as Modern notes – Republicans have peaked.? They peaked right about the time of Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts.? My theory is that the new media cycle has hyper accelerated the over-hyped 1994 dynamic within the electorate (which didn’t peak in 1994 until about October.)? And that the passage of health care reform after that peak in 2010 brought the wave to a halt at the last stroke of Barack Obama’s pen on the bill.

For Democrats in Ohio, this means the biggest remaining risk for our ticket in 2010 is internal to ODP.? It has always been thus.? And boy, did we come close to shooting ourselves in that particular foot.? The two most prominent near misses on this front are Jennifer Garrison, and the ODP endorsement for US Senate.

Had Garrison been on this ticket for secretary of state, she would have poisoned the ticket top to bottom.? Not because of some “litmus test”, which Brian Rothenberg self-servingly creates from whole cloth to defend his moronic granting of quite inadequate political cover to Garrison last summer.? No, Garrison would have poisoned our entire ticket because she is unacceptable to vast swathes of Democratic party base voters on many, many substantive policy issues, and because of her willingness to play hate politics for her own advancement.

Instead, we now have Maryellen O’Shaughnessy in the driver’s seat for SOS, who will either face a mortally wounded John Husted, or a teabagging queen, Sandy O’Brien.

Colossal ODP Clusterfuck Number One AVERTED.

The narrow avoidance of an ODP endorsement in the US Senate race saved ODP from another deep…er….”fissure”, which would have been no less poisonous to the entire ticket, and would have lingered like a plague for years if not decades.? We have our primary, free of any ODP fingers on the scale for either Lee Fisher or Jennifer Brunner.

Colossal ODP Clusterfuck Number Two NARROWLY AVERTED.

Bloggers love to say we told you so, so here it is.? We told you so.? Ohio bloggers took the lead on both of these problems, we gave voice to what people were saying behind closed doors, and we advocated for precisely the solution that has come to pass.? The grassroots of the party made its voice heard, we helped, and now, we’re all one big happy ODP family.

But Chris Redfern deserves the bulk of the credit for all of this.? I don’t know if Chris learned from past such battles, or if some other factor caused him to take action to keep his party from going kablooey – but take action he most certainly did.?? For a guy who’s been around the blog battles in Ohio as long as I have, it’s nice to see proof that we are on the same side, this early in an election year.? But it’s even more gratifying that we worked together toward the same goal of party unity.

And after all that avoiding of clusterfucks, our united Ohio Democratic Party will be greeted on May 5 with an Ohio Republican ticket that no one knows, beset with teabagging, and at the mercy of a national trend which peaked in their favor months ago, and which is now working against them.

Ain’t unity fun?

Next time you’re in Cleveland, Mr. Chairman, I’d like to buy you a beer.