From the daily archives: Thursday, April 1, 2010

Watch Lee run.? Watch Lee lose.? Someone claiming to be Jane Buder Shapiro, and apparently at the meeting, jumps in to, you know, claim how great this is for Lee Fisher.? With a flourish.

Given how up in arms many Brunner supporters were about the possibility of an ODP endorsement of Fisher, you could have chosen to commend the Shaker Dems for our efforts towards “preserving party unity” (I reference your 03/22/2010 post re: why the ODP was right not to make an endorsement), or you might have chosen to note how fair it was that the Fisher […]

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So John Kasich is holding a fundraiser for his birthday.

And, of course, in order to shed his elitist, Wall Street Executive image, Kasich wants to appear more folksy, so he’s holding his event on a farm, according to the Dayton Daily News.? (And like all farms, it’s smack dab in the middle of a private golf course.)

And to complete the “Man-o’-the-Earth” campaign, he’s calling it the “Boot Scoot and Boogie Birthday Bash”

And, of course, he’s charging $500 per couple for a VIP reception and $250 per couple for “general admission.”? […]

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What I’ve been suspecting for some time is coming to pass, as Modern notes – Republicans have peaked.? They peaked right about the time of Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts.? My theory is that the new media cycle has hyper accelerated the over-hyped 1994 dynamic within the electorate (which didn’t peak in 1994 until about October.)? And that the passage of health care reform after that peak in 2010 brought the wave to a halt at the last stroke of Barack Obama’s pen on the bill.

For Democrats in Ohio, this means the biggest remaining risk for our ticket […]

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This is apparently not an April’s Fools Day joke.? In less than four weeks, John Kasich has seen his only sizeable poll lead completely evaporate.

Jon Keeling has even announced on Twitter that it’s going to take him overnight to figure out a way to spin this into a positive.? When you’ve lost Rasmussen…. then you’re in trouble.

I’ll save Keeling the trouble of waiting from Kasich High Command before Keeling shares us his wisdom after he descends from the Virginia mountaintops:

Republicans peaked too soon.

Whether you want to believe either Quinnipiac or Rasmussen (or disbelieve one vs. the […]

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My earlier take, and Andrew Sullivan’s today, match.

I don’t believe, in other words, that you can tackle this problem without seeing it as a symptom of a much deeper failure of the church to come to terms with sexuality, sexual orientation and the warping, psychologically distorting impact of compulsory celibacy in the priesthood. If women and married men were allowed to be priests, if homosexuality were regarded in Catholic theology as a healthy and rare difference rather than as a shameful disorder, this atmosphere would end, and these crimes would for the most part disappear and the […]

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State Senator Nina Turner (D-Cleveland) is the Ranking Member of the Ohio Senate Judiciary-Criminal Justice Committee and has issued this statement in response to our reporting on potentially false and misleading testimony by the Troopers and former Superintendent of the Highway Patrol to that Committee:

?Racial intolerance should never be tolerated anywhere, especially in a distinguished law enforcement agency like the Highway Patrol.  That?s why the Democrats on the committee felt it was important to question former Superintendent Richard Collins about the incident involving a trooper who dressed up as a Klansman.

?Your report also highlights another concern that […]

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I guess John Kasich didn’t get the memo from Tax Commissioner Levin about the drop in Ohio’s state tax burden. 33rd in the nation now. Way near the bottom. And way below Alaska (#1) and Wyoming (#2) – two states that have eliminated their personal income tax just like Kasich wants to do in Ohio.

So either John Kasich didn’t get this memo – or he is just flat out lying in his latest fundraising email, which starts like this:

April 15 — Tax Day — is just around the corner. In Ohio, our high tax burden has hurt […]

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Mason resigns…again!

On April 1, 2010 By

Resignationpalooza AHOY!

?Clearly, I am not qualified for this important position,? said Mason moments ago.

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John Kasich has a Florida fetish.? In just about every standard stump speech, Kasich talks about how great the State of Florida is compared to Ohio.? He loves it so much, his wife is starting to wonder if he secretly wishes he was married to it, instead.

I have no idea what in Kasich’s psychosis fuels this obsession with Florida.

Kasich also loves to talk about how many jobs have been lost in Ohio while Ted Strickland has been Governor, but the reality is that Florida has actually lost over twice as many as Ohio has during the same […]

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Managed to get a hold of Rob Portman’s schedule for today.? Some interesting things in there, including:

1:30 P.M.: Tea Party Rally w/Rep. John Boehner
Location: National Mall *Note: Some Ohio observers are convinced that you are moderate ? we need to beat back that narrative and show your true conservative colors. Get loud, get angry. You will receive your ?Repeal Health Care? sign on site. *Note from Jessica: Stay silent should anyone say anything offensive, outrageous, untrue.

and my favorite:

9:00 P.M.: FUNDRAISER–RNC Young Eagles & Chair Michael Steele—Closed Press CANCELED CANCELED Club TBD
Washington, D.C. […]

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