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For years, Sean Hannity has been sponsoring concerts in which he has claimed that 100% of the proceeds went to provide college tuition to the widowed children of veterans and to provide assistance to severely wounded vets.  Just about every year, Hannity’s Freedom Concert Tour includes a stop in SWO– the heart of Ohio GOP country.  (Where former President George W. Bush used to get his largest crowds… that weren’t protesting him.)

Conservative blogger Debbie Schlussel reviewed the organization’s IRS past filings as well as reviewed specific distribution to several wounded vets (a DailyKos diary raised […]

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UPDATE – Welcome Andrew Sullivan readers!? I’m running for office in Cleveland, check out the site, and donate if you can.? Thanks for your support.

I’m a recovering Catholic.? Growing up with those traditions gave me an appreciation for the ancient rituals of belonging to something.? Holy Week approaching reminds me of my favorite ritual in the church calendar, the Holy Thursday mass, which is so thick with the highest rituals, you leave the church with the smell of incense still in your nostrils.? It’s pretty damn cool.

I haven’t been to Holy Thursday mass in years.? Like most […]

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?With absentee balloting to start on Tuesday, this last-minute directive will cost boards of elections both time and money and wrongly deny voters of both major political parties the right to have their voice heard in this primary election,? Husted said in a press release. (Source: Dayton Daily News) (emphasis added)

GOP Sec. of State candidate Jon Husted criticizing Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner’s directive to county Board of Elections that any voter wishing to switch parties to cast a primary ballot must sign a statement attesting that they support the principles of the new party.

I think, […]

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How in the world did Ohio’s “conservative” blogosphere miss this one?

State pension funds and communities in a state investment pool will save nearly $20 million in bank fees over two years through new contracts competitively bid by state Treasurer Kevin L. Boyce.

Fiscal responsibility. It’s not just a bumper sticker.

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Once you wade through the available public records and realize that the evidence that the contraband was drugs was always non-existent, but the evidence that the contraband was not criminal in nature was plentiful, the rest becomes easier.

The next political trick in keep a non-story in the news is to hold legislative hearings on it so the same reporters can essentially re-file the same story again, but this time mention that the same story this time was made during a hearing.

And after all, nobody would lie to a politician.? In fact, so confident is the Senate Republican committee […]

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There’s a big piece rising up the Kos rec list right now detailing where Jane Hamsher’s PAC spent its money.? Very revealing.? Here’s where over $169,000 of the PAC’s 2009 haul went.?? Look at the last line.

Libertas LLC is Cliff Schechter’s outfit.? Here’s his full client list which includes Hamsher’s Accountability Now PAC (and hilariously, Progress Ohio!)? Not sure how Bob Brigham’s self-proclaimed $4,000 a month managed to slip through the cracks, but here’s how Jane Hamsher dealt with such questions, according to the diarist, Rogers Cadenhead.

In an email […]

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ROFL. Bless his racist heart, he don’t want no blacks on his Rapubleekan line:

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The Dispatch Publishing Company, which owns the Columbus Dispatch and WBNS, has been working in overdrive to convince people that there was some massive political conspiracy to prevent the Office of Investigative Services (OIS) of the Highway Patrol from allowing a wife of an inmate working at the Governor’s Mansion throw an unknown object into the Governor’s Mansion to be picked up by an incarcerated felon.

Amazingly, the Dispatch Publishing Company finds it incredulous to believe that security concerns, and not political concerns, might have been the reason the raid was called off.? (Which, as we will see later, is […]

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An update to my earlier post about FBI raids in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. I guess the right was right after all. There ARE terrorists within our borders. They’re called the Christian Militia. They call themselves Hutaree. They’re fucked:

Nine members of the Christian militia group Hutaree have been indicted on multiple charges involving an alleged plot to attack police, including seditious conspiracy and attempted use of weapons of mass destruction, the U.S. Attorney in Michigan announced this morning.

Two of them are from Ohio. Kristopher Sickles, 27, of Sandusky, Ohio, and Jacob Ward, 33, of Huron, […]

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I would like to recommend that all anti-government types please PLEASE shred your census forms and do not – I repeat – DO NOT send them back in filled out.? Resist this oppressive form of tyranny!? Do not be fooled by the man into filling this socialist hidden agenda survey which will only mark you for the jack booted nazis who will come to take your guns, your money, and your porn.

Resist at all costs!

To all sensible non-whackjob types, here’s why I make the above request:

What’s more, an under-count in Texas could cost the state more […]

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Shocking, I know!? In further proof that lifelong suckling of the government teat Jon Keeling desperately wants Lee to win this primary and then lose to Rob Portman, Keeling yet again proves all that government money he’s been handed his entire career hasn’t bought him a brain.

Over the weekend she lost the?endorsement of the Cleveland Plain Dealer to Lee Fisher, thereby driving what seems to be the 298th nail in her coffin. It isn’t exactly easy to lose the newspaper representing the entire Democratic base in Ohio and think you still have a shot.

Yes, Lee Fisher’s […]

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