U.S. Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) pointed out that any plan to “repeal” health care reform is futile while President Obama is President… because, you know, you’d need 67 votes in the Senate to overcome his likely veto.

So the only guy that has kept Mark Sanford as Governor of South Carolina, Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer has the new plan: CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION!

Yes, because a three-fourths vote of the States will be sooo much easier.

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  • MAL

    It would be better to pursue a Constitutional Convention to amend the First Amendment to overturn the US Supreme Court decision in Citizens United – at least individual citizens would derive some benefit. How about saying that only speech of natural persons is constitutionally protected and that Congress and the States expressly have the power to regulate political speech and political contributions by corporations and other “non-natural, legislated entities.” How about saying that making making contributions does not constitute “redressing grievances” and that citizens must personally express such grievances rather than hiring others to do so. And while we’re at it, let’s amend the Constitution to limit the terms of federal judges and justices. It’s clear that the conservative ideologues are using the federal courts to “judislate” in ways that circumvent, misinterpret, or overturn legislative enactments — enactments that require grueling maneuvers, hostile rhetoric, and fruitless attempts at compromise. Don’t be surprised if this Supreme Court finds a way to emasculate health care reform in a 5-4 decision. Why should we have to tolerate such ideological demagoguery for more than, say, 20 years. Enough already.

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  • Shalom Brian,

    Now that's the real nuclear option.



  • scottpullins

    Tea Party folks will never, never, never go for a constitutional convention. When I worked for NTU we promoted one to pass a balanced budget amendment. The kooks would come out of the woodwork and accuse us of wanting to trash the constitution and put in a one world order.

    Their theory is that a constitutional convention, once called, cannot be limited by subject matter. Thus, you lefties would get in their and scrap the entire thing and start over. LOL.

  • We would. Hahahahaha

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