So, apparently, the Ohio GOP?is going full force to specifically support Jon Husted and David Yost, despite the fact that they face Tea Party favored candidates (Sandra O’Brien and freshman State Rep. Seth Morgan, respectfully.)

ORP Primary Ballot Mailer

What’s funny about this mailer is that “most conservative state budget in more than 40 years?”? Yeah… that was Governor Strickland’s first budget.? Does this mean the ORP endorses Ted Strickland?? Nope, Kasich’s on the other side.? Partisan politics is SOOOO confusing.

In other news, somehow I got on the ORP’s mailing list. (Which is probably being corrected in 3… 2…. 1….)

We also know that the ORP sent an email out today with a similar message which singled out the SoS and Auditor primary.? This is after the Ohio GOP promoted a misleading endorsement by the Buckeye Firearms Association for Yost (ignoring that it was a dual endorsement that included Morgan).? And then there’s the ORP supposedly instituting a policy that Republicans supporting O’Brien or Morgan are cut off from using the state party’s cheaper mailing rate.

What happens with the relationship between the Tea Party movement and the Ohio Republican ticket if both Husted and Yost win?? I don’t think anyone in the ORP is considering this.

This could be a more explosive situation than anything we had in the Brunner-Fisher primary.? In fact, this kind of divisiveness, with lasting implications in November, is easily worse than Chris Redfern’s worst nightmare.? Thank God, Chris Redfern committed to keep the ODP neutral in the Senate primary!

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