Just a friendly reminder that today is the first day for Early Voting in the May Primary Election.

I took advantage of it by casting my Democratic Primary ballot this morning.  (Psst!  JBru, I totally voted for you.  Don’t tell Lee…)

Early voting is going to be an integral part of any campaign’s GOTV, because it allows them to harvest the low-hanging fruit of the already decided and dedicated voters so that they can focus more in the final weeks of the persuadable.

Lee Fisher just sent out an end-of-quarter fundraising pitch from former President Bill Clinton.  Not a word about early voting.

This has to be the first contested statewide primary I ever cast a ballot before seeing or hearing a single television ad, radio ad, newspaper ad, or so much as a bumper sticker or a yard side.


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  • mvirenicus

    your post prompted me to visit my county board of elections web site where i noticed they had primary candidates listed in separate columns for democrat, republican, libertarian, socialist, green and constitution parties. there was also a column for “unaffiliated” with no candidates listed. this prompted me to phone the board and ask if it's now possible to declare oneself green or socialist for the primaries. it is.

  • anastasjoy

    Hi Modern-

    I have a bumper sticker in my car. I created it myself out of one of Jennifer's old SoS bumper stickers and an old Sherrod Brown for Senate sticker. Cut-and-paste!

  • modernesquire

    You're correct. Brunner entered into a legal settlement that gave the minor parties easier ballot access and recognition. Although, I'm not entirely sure if their parties will still be listed on the general election ballot.

  • mvirenicus

    as a result of this i've decided to wait to cast my vote. i have some decisions to make. i desperately *want* to declare third-party, but i also want to vote for brunner. i hope this new arrangement doesn't cost her.

  • modernesquire

    If it's any help, there are no contested races in any of the minor party's primaries…so, they'll get the nomination without you.

  • mvirenicus

    valid point, but then i'd miss the opportunity to tell the elderly republican poll worker i'm a socialist and watch her drop dead on the spot.

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