How in the world did Ohio’s “conservative” blogosphere miss this one?

State pension funds and communities in a state investment pool will save nearly $20 million in bank fees over two years through new contracts competitively bid by state Treasurer Kevin L. Boyce.

Fiscal responsibility. It’s not just a bumper sticker.

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  • Too busy chasing the “Boyce Bandit?” I imagine. LOL

  • Yes, but Josh Mandel bought some new shoes. And I still think he'd look great with a beard.

  • WildernessWonderer

    $20 million. This is great. Hopefully it will be used to buy the AIDS drugs that the same newspaper edition reports the administration failed to get the paperwork ready for.

    Good luck fighting that virus on your own. Too long for a bumper sticker.

  • Don't be an idiot and try to comment here with something that is completely wrong. Nobody will go without meds and there won't be any additional costs to speak of. Certainly not $20 million.

  • WildernessWonderer

    You're right. What's 50 grand in such an ably-administered state budget?

    Certainly not $20 million, true. And the “good luck fighting that virus on your own” reflects only the DAS bureaucracy, and not the attitude of the Health department folks. Another exaggeration. I didn't know those weren't allowed.

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