?With absentee balloting to start on Tuesday, this last-minute directive will cost boards of elections both time and money and wrongly deny voters of both major political parties the right to have their voice heard in this primary election,? Husted said in a press release. (Source: Dayton Daily News) (emphasis added)

GOP Sec. of State candidate Jon Husted criticizing Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner’s directive to county Board of Elections that any voter wishing to switch parties to cast a primary ballot must sign a statement attesting that they support the principles of the new party.

I think, Senator Husted, the point of the directive is to deny a voter of both major political parties to be heard in a party’s primary they don’t actually belong.

For a guy that makes such a stink about concerns about voter fraud, Husted’s criticism seems oddly out of character.  Maybe he just criticizes everything Brunner does.   That would make Husted consistent.

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