?With absentee balloting to start on Tuesday, this last-minute directive will cost boards of elections both time and money and wrongly deny voters of both major political parties the right to have their voice heard in this primary election,? Husted said in a press release. (Source: Dayton Daily News) (emphasis added)

GOP Sec. of State candidate Jon Husted criticizing Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner’s directive to county Board of Elections that any voter wishing to switch parties to cast a primary ballot must sign a statement attesting that they support the principles of the new party.

I think, Senator Husted, the point of the directive is to deny a voter of both major political parties to be heard in a party’s primary they don’t actually belong.

For a guy that makes such a stink about concerns about voter fraud, Husted’s criticism seems oddly out of character.  Maybe he just criticizes everything Brunner does.   That would make Husted consistent.

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  • Shalom Brian,

    In Ohio's 2000 primary I pulled a Republican ballot and voted for John McCain. My candidate, Al Gore, had a lock on the nomination and I recognized George Bush as a greater evil in the Republican primary.

    Would I have signed a document stating I supported the principles of the Republican Party? Without a pause.

    I support Jennifer Brunner. I think it is important that she win the primary and go on to win the fall election in her bid to be our next Senator in Washington.

    I think that this is a really dumb move that only has negative consequences. Jennifer, in her role as Secretary of State, will be seen abusing her office and any Republicans crossing over on 4 May to vote for Lee Fisher, the man they know they can devastate in November, will not be the least deterred by this silly rule.



  • anastasjoy

    There's nothing new about this. There was something similar in effect in the 2008 primary; you had to fill out a statement, but there was a lack of clarity about how to go about it. I recall some confusion when a few Republicans showed up and wanted to vote Democratic, including an elderly lady who told me (I was a poll worker) how furious she was with everything Bush had done and she wanted to vote for “this Obama fella.” I think all Jennifer is doing is clarifying the process, and all Husted is doing is getting in a cheap partisan shot.

  • Mike B.

    While the form has been present in previous elections, it was not enforced uniformly around the state. I could switch parties in Warren County and not be asked to fill out a form, but a different voter could switch parties in Butler County and be required to fill out the form. I have heard stories this even varied based on precinct or poll worker.

    I think BoEs were even less stringent with requiring absentee voters to fill out these forms.

    Election rules should definitely be applied evenly and fairly whenever possible. Voters in different counties or precincts should not be treated differently.

    However, my main problem with this order is that it was issued 2 days before the beginning of absentee balloting. This has been an issue since 2008. Why did it take so long to issue an order mandating that all counties act uniformly? While Secretary Brunner may be working with the best intentions, an order like this right before the beginning of voting could cause more confusion. And yes, it could disenfranchise voters from both parties (there has been no time to educate voters on this, meaning there is a higher chance of not completing the forms successfully–especially with absentee voters who do not have a poll worker guiding them through the process; also, with so little time before the start of voting, there's a higher chance for a BoE screw-up because they are working so furiously to comply with the order).

    I just don't get what took her so long to act on this.

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