Shocking, I know!? In further proof that lifelong suckling of the government teat Jon Keeling desperately wants Lee to win this primary and then lose to Rob Portman, Keeling yet again proves all that government money he’s been handed his entire career hasn’t bought him a brain.

Over the weekend she lost the?endorsement of the Cleveland Plain Dealer to Lee Fisher, thereby driving what seems to be the 298th nail in her coffin. It isn’t exactly easy to lose the newspaper representing the entire Democratic base in Ohio and think you still have a shot.

Yes, Lee Fisher’s only cheerleaders in the entire Ohio blogosphere, the only people who buy his narrative of inevitability, the only people who think Lee Fisher getting endorsed by a newspaper that spent almost all of last summer regurgitating every piece of dirt Lee Fisher’s campaign fed them, even to the point of being investigated by the Ohio Inspector General, are bought and paid for by the Ohio Republican Party, John Kasich, and their ilk.

Those are the people who want Lee Fisher to be the Democratic Party’s nominee for US Senate in Ohio in 2010.? Instructive.

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