I would like to recommend that all anti-government types please PLEASE shred your census forms and do not – I repeat – DO NOT send them back in filled out.? Resist this oppressive form of tyranny!? Do not be fooled by the man into filling this socialist hidden agenda survey which will only mark you for the jack booted nazis who will come to take your guns, your money, and your porn.

Resist at all costs!

To all sensible non-whackjob types, here’s why I make the above request:

What’s more, an under-count in Texas could cost the state more than just representation.

For every Texan missed, the state will lose an estimated $12,000 over the next decade in federal funding for transportation, agriculture, health, education, and housing, said Frances Deviney, director of Texas Kids Count, a nonpartisan group in Austin.

Deviney says Texas could lose ?hundreds of millions of dollars in lost opportunities? because of uncounted residents.

?We’ve got that hard-to-count element, along with these fringe (anti-government) groups that are advocating resistance,? she said. ?They think they are hurting the government. They are really hurting themselves and their communities.?

Get the government off of your back, my friends! Do not participate in this year’s census fascist headcount! Listen to Michelle Bachmann. You will be put in internment camps!


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  • mvirenicus

    when is the deadline before they start sending census workers to your door? i've received the warning letter, the census questionnaire itself and the reminder notice. i want someone to come to my door. my commie ass enjoys talking to government workers.

  • tudorman

    You've got this all wrong. It costs the Census about a buck or so to process your form when you mail it in. But if you don't, and they have to send someone to your door, it costs $56, on average (I've read). So the trick is for everybody to do their part to stimulate the economy by NOT sending in their form! If even half the people of Ohio did this, think of the money that would flow to our beloved state as an army of census workers invade every city, town, and hamlet! Millions and millions. Better yet, tell the nice government worker that you're busy and could they please come back tomorrow. Two trips! $112! Woot!

  • Ah! So they really ARE Tea Party Socialists?! Got it.


  • tudorman

    Eric, I'm sympathetic to the basic idea behind the Tea Party Movement (smaller government and maximum liberty – but I'm not a member), although I'm a little less forgiving than you if, for instance, a person collecting Social Security advocates for the abolition of Social Security. They have no choice but to participate, and since they've paid the money in, they ought to get it out. I liken it to an autoworker for GM admitting that the cars they build are junk, as long as that person isn't actively trying to build crappy cars. That's like the Tea Party member agitating for smaller government, but, as you've pointed out, “Keep your government hands off my Medicare!”.

    With the census stuff, you realize of course I'm busting the chops of those (in both parties) who want the government to spend borrowed money to stimulate the economy, right? Anybody who supported the stimulus bill last year ought to see the righteous logic of my comment.

    And if you're wondering, I'm not answering the census, since I don't support the circle-jerk system of taxation and lobbyist-based redistribution of people's wealth to benefit the rent-seeking corporate fascists who have captured the regulatory state.

  • mvirenicus

    i didn't respond to the 1990 census questionnaire and i was sitting in my neighbor's apartment when he lied to the census worker who came to his door asking about me. i didn't respond in 2000 and they never came looking for me. i haven't decided how to handle this census. i am distrustful of the capitalist government.

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