There’s a big piece rising up the Kos rec list right now detailing where Jane Hamsher’s PAC spent its money.? Very revealing.? Here’s where over $169,000 of the PAC’s 2009 haul went.?? Look at the last line.

Libertas LLC is Cliff Schechter’s outfit.? Here’s his full client list which includes Hamsher’s Accountability Now PAC (and hilariously, Progress Ohio!)? Not sure how Bob Brigham’s self-proclaimed $4,000 a month managed to slip through the cracks, but here’s how Jane Hamsher dealt with such questions, according to the diarist, Rogers Cadenhead.

In an email exchange Sunday, Hamsher refused to answer any questions about how her PACs spend their money.

Instead, Hamsher questioned me repeatedly to see if I’d tell her which employees talked to me and what allegations they might have made. “I’m assuming from your answer that no former FDL employees have made statements or provided any information that will be used in the article,” she wrote in an email, “since you have not informed me of nor allowed me to respond to any.”

Looks like a little transparency is on its way to Jane Hamsher and her minions whether she likes it or not.