The FBI raided several Christian militia groups over the weekend. As many as 7 have been arrested. The investigation centers on a group calling itself “Hutaree“. Some hilarity brewing on their message boards < Warning! Click this link at your own discretion. Extremely NSFW and you’ll likely be offended. Apparently nobody is around to moderate! (You’ve been warned)

I looked into the group back when Homeland Security put out a report (pdf link) on the rise in militia groups to see what might be happening in Ohio. They struck me as hobbyist military wannabe types at the time. Go out in the woods. Dress up in camo. Talk about “training” and act military. Apparently they were up to no good as well.

The FBI is being tight lipped until the subjects appear in court on Monday so we should know more in the coming week. The Sandusky Register reports tonight that raids did occur in Sandusky (Bayshore Estates trailer park) and in Huron.

There is probably going to be more of this. The SPLC just released a report that indicates right-wing extremist “patriot” groups have risen 224% since Barack Obama took office. If you haven’t figured it out yet, all this uproar over health care isn’t really about health care – and we’ve pointed this out many times before.

AP has more

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  • mvirenicus

    i love religious extremists. even more i love “mainstream” religious folks who act as apologists for the extremists because gawd knows we can't limit religious liberty in any way or pretty soon everyone might figure out that religiosity is a mental illness.

  • Oh man, there is some comment gold on their forums. I only breezed thru the “hutaree update for Sunday” thread, but the interlopers are wreaking havoc. Loved all the Modern Warfare 2 references (that's what my avatar references, BTW).

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  • LisaCD

    The Sandusky Register has a lame story up

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  • I used to dress up in camo and go into the woods to engage in “military training.” When I was 9.

  • Yeah. I did it when I was 9. Then again at 19. Much more enjoyable at 9.

  • Shalom Eric,

    Ah come on, two-weeks in the woods with c-rats (I'm pre-MRE), mosquitoes, no sleep and live-fire exercises? It doesn't get cooler than that!

    But then I was the one in the smokey-the-bear hat screaming at people. 🙂



  • I was the poor guy on the other end of the yelling thing. 🙂

    …until about a year later. Then the memory was so fresh I couldn't bear to do it to the new plebes.

    I will agree with Republicans on one thing. Employment will go a long way toward solving some of this craziness. That and more skate parks.

  • john_edwards

    I'll be watching carefully to see if the next crime committed by a bunch of muslims is attributed to a “muslim group.”

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