John Kasich continues pushing his plan to eliminate Ohio’s personal income tax without explaining which other taxes he plans to raise or which services he plans to cut in order to make up for the 40% loss of revenue it will ultimately cause.

He also continues to lie about other states that have no personal income taxes.

Not only do no-income-tax states have higher unemployment rates than Ohio, their citizens often end up paying more in overall taxes.

And new figures from the U.S. Commerce Department released this week show that the people who do have jobs in no-income-tax states actually had the largest reductions in income last year.

The three states with the largest reductions in per-capita income in 2009 ? Wyoming (-5.9 percent), Nevada (-5.8), and South Dakota (-4.4) ? do not impose a state income tax, according to figures issued yesterday by the U.S. Commerce Department.

Of the nine states that do not impose an income tax, eight had larger income drops than Ohio last year, and the ninth, New Hampshire, was equal to Ohio?s 1.4 percent decline.

Other per-capita changes last year in states with no income tax: Tennessee (-2.1 percent), Washington (-2.3 percent), Alaska (-3.0 percent), Florida (-3.3 percent) and Texas (-3.5 percent).

Can you tell me again Mr. Kasich how you want Ohio to be more like Florida?

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  • You forgot to file this under “Duh!”

  • mvirenicus

    i've been quiet lately because of the “duh” factor. it's always good to be reminded exactly how “duh” a person has to be to vote republican, but there's not much to sink my cynical teeth into.

  • elrayb

    Let's import some more illegals who can work for cash and not register their income, oh wait lets give them amnesty and then they can compete for jobs anbd take pay closer to minmum wage , that will help the numbers.

    Wyoming? South Dakota? Wow huge metropoli there. How about California and NewYork? Great examples of the progressive income tax at its finest. How was New Jersey holding up until Christie arrived? How about Massachusetts with that great pilot program of Obamacare? I see the future and it is bankrupt, thank goodness they were bailed out before ole Ted bit the dust.
    Unemployment checks are only a fraction of what you were earning so of course even if you are having taxes deducted from them your income will drop whether the state has an income tax or not.

    Ohio should become more like Delaware and reduce BUSINESS taxes and then corporations will at least set up their headquarters here. Ohio used to have the largest number of business headquarters at one time I believe.
    Taxes are an economy killer and if you don't realize that then you are hopeless.
    You are the same bunch who complains about overseas jobs and one reason they go is wait…lower tax rates. duh
    Now I find it really funny that Strickland who barely made it on the ballot ran against Taft because of “job losses” during his administration. Now who do you suppose has had more jobs lost during his administration?
    The irony is too much.
    Who has almost doubled the states deficit spending. now you think it is because of unemployment but, he has used stimulus money to cover that so what did he spend it on? Of course pensions, education and health care benefits for state employees. mmmm

    I know we are getting the superfast rail train so then we can lose all of the money the turnpike generates or will we? I know we will raise a tax or a fee now that's progressive thinking!

    alright see you next week.

  • elrayb

    Oh yeah I think Kasich want's the sales tax to cover more expenses. It's fair the rich guys you hate ususally by more stuff and it's usually more expensive.

  • darkejournal

    Maybe Kasich could ask Ted Strickland how to reduce unemployment …. oops :-0

  • seditious

    I have a theory that income tax cuts for the working and middle class are a con job and here's why….

    Say a worker takes home $50,000 after taxes and then receives a $5k income tax cut. An employer is likely to decrease the worker's pay by $5k in the next few years thinking that the worker was willing to do the job for $50k so why should he now take home $55k?

    Executives and fat cats really do realize fatter wallets when taxes are cut.

  • Anonymous


  • Sales taxes are actually pretty unfair compared to income taxes. Sales taxes are regressive, putting a larger burden on low-income individuals and families than on wealthy ones.

  • I think you missed the point. EVERY state has experienced an increase in unemployment as a result of the recession. But Ohio actually has experienced a lower unemployment rate, a lower drop in per-capita income and – in many cases – has a lower overall tax burden on its citizens than states like Florida which John Kasich has consistently touted as the example he wants Ohio to be more like.

  • mvirenicus

    i was going to write the same thing before bed last night but then i'd feel obligated to explain why AND correct his spelling. too much work.

  • Tony Robinson

    “i've been quiet lately because of the “duh” factor. it's always good to be reminded exactly how “duh” a person has to be to vote republican, but there's not much to sink my cynical teeth into.”

    I suppose prefer the democratic method of business takeovers/big government.

  • mvirenicus

    yeah, those democrats are a buncha damned commies, which is why i registered socialist in this most recent primary.

  • Is there a logical explanation for the whole “larger burden” argument? I’m having trouble seeing it

  • Anonymous

    Because lower income people tend to have less disposable income, therefore, sales taxes tend to have a hard economic burden on the poor than the rich. Now, Ohio’s constitution prohibits a tax on food, so that upsets the usual analysis

  • Anonymous

    Except the TARP was a Republican program. And the GM rescue clearly worked and saved thousands of jobs.

  • mvirenicus

    some other states don’t sales tax clothing. makes sense to me. clothing is a necessity. why does ohio tax it? just a rhetorical question. i’ll take any opportunity to slam ohio. 🙂

  • Tony

    Yes Tarp was a republican program I was against it when it was first proposed by GWB and against it when Obama expanded it. Also the GM rescue did save many jobs but I am not sure how well it worked, as the money paid back was from bailout money they received seperately after the loans, which of course has not been mentioned in their “we paid it all back ads”
    Socialism, yeah we see how well that has worked for Russia, Cuba, The Netherlands and other very poor countries. Before you think of the Netherlands as a success as touted by some look at their standard of living and tax rates.

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