John Kasich continues pushing his plan to eliminate Ohio’s personal income tax without explaining which other taxes he plans to raise or which services he plans to cut in order to make up for the 40% loss of revenue it will ultimately cause.

He also continues to lie about other states that have no personal income taxes.

Not only do no-income-tax states have higher unemployment rates than Ohio, their citizens often end up paying more in overall taxes.

And new figures from the U.S. Commerce Department released this week show that the people who do have jobs in no-income-tax states actually had the largest reductions in income last year.

The three states with the largest reductions in per-capita income in 2009 ? Wyoming (-5.9 percent), Nevada (-5.8), and South Dakota (-4.4) ? do not impose a state income tax, according to figures issued yesterday by the U.S. Commerce Department.

Of the nine states that do not impose an income tax, eight had larger income drops than Ohio last year, and the ninth, New Hampshire, was equal to Ohio?s 1.4 percent decline.

Other per-capita changes last year in states with no income tax: Tennessee (-2.1 percent), Washington (-2.3 percent), Alaska (-3.0 percent), Florida (-3.3 percent) and Texas (-3.5 percent).

Can you tell me again Mr. Kasich how you want Ohio to be more like Florida?

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