The leaders of the Republican Party said no yet again. This time to a joint agreement from the leaders of the Democratic Party, which:

…called for ?elected officials of both parties to set an example of the civility we want to see in our citizenry.?

?We also call on all Americans to respect differences of opinion, to refrain from inappropriate forms of intimidation, to reject violence and vandalism, and to scale back rhetoric that might reasonably be misinterpreted by those prone to such behavior.”

But they’re not fanning any flames of violence, intimidation, hatred, or anger. No! No way!

They can’t back away now. They’re too far down the road of wingnuttia to stop now. It’s full stop to complete irrelevance!


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  • darkejournal

    Nobody condones violence. OK. It's a cheap stunt now for democrats to cry about crazy threats both sides have gotten all along.

    BUT — I think Republicans need to be tougher with their rhetoric. Tell those democrats to grow a pair, go home, and try to justify their vote instead of crying about voicemail messages. Go home and tell your unemployed constituents it is more important to get them health benefits in 4 years than it is to get them a job now.

    Democrats are now going to0 try every stunt in the book (including their current victimhood) to avoid further discussion on this disastrous health-spend-spooge-fest.

    No violence against the democrat congressman! We want them to be healthy and aware as they choke on this bill (and the stimulus too … 8%, remember that?).

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