Yes. We’re making it all up:

Funny. The “black guy” is raping lady liberty. Ha!

Ha. Ha. Ha!

I wonder what happens in the minds of the average teabagger when they envision the President Of the United States as the “negro who raped our lady liberty”. Oh. I dunno. Violence maybe? Utterly and near incomprehensibly offensive these fucking pukes. Not even going to link the shit site that did this.


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  • WestlakeDavid

    I thought Robert Maplethorpe had passed…

    Russo would probably defend the cartoon as Art, and we cannot censor nor alienate the Artists amongst us, now can we residents of Tremont?

  • Whoa.

  • Just as “freedom isn't free”, neither is free speech. There are consequences.

  • Oh Republicans with your rape and nigger jokes…

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