When you stop to think about it, it’s breathtaking really what this new President is accomplishing. One day the biggest reform of healthcare in our lifetimes, the next day? Oh, just a nuclear arms treaty with Russia scaling back large stockpiles of nuclear weapons still left over from The Cold War.


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  • elrayb

    Are you serious about the breathtaking part? Its breathtaking how little he knows or cares about the economy.
    I mean he is following the pattern of the “true” Progressive. Collapse the system into a set up government takeover. Do you really think you will be immune to the oppression just because you are supporting it?

    So now the Russians can just give the Iranians the nukes that they are reducing instead of going through the trouble of letting them develop one on their own?
    I don't know whay this was so important I mean we each still have enough to blow up the earth around 40 times and the Russians have released their version of a stealth plane so their desire for military domination hasn't changed, they are still occupying Georgia-the nation not the state (yet).
    If it makes you” feel” good then I guess its OK.

    I didn't get to answer the other replies you had sent I am having an issue with Disqus but I like your site set up I just really wish I understood why you think total government control is best i mean it really hasn't seemed to work out for anyone else. Name me the society you would like to see us become.

    Now it is kind of under-handed to want to takeover a wealthy country like the US why not go after haiti or Somalia who are ripe for the pickings? You would have free rein then?

    I mean where is freedom going to be left if you succede?
    Republicans aren't perfect but you have to admit if it wasn't for the dominance of the left media for so long we would have stayed much stronger and not spent our way into this mess, I mean Ted Kennedy had a lot to do woth the trillions wasted on education funding and suckering Bush 43 into that prescription drug thing was a mess as well.
    Do you not believe in the Constitution?
    I guess I'm asking are you really Progressive on all issues or only some? Let me know I'm willing to learn even if I don't agree.

  • my answers in order: yes. what? ok. reject the premise. stfu. it's spelled succeed. the media did not control GOP spending. yes, i do. most all. you don't sound teachable.

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