Here’s a clue. If you are running for statewide office and you are going to be in charge of all our money, you probably should be as transparent as a previously unbroken window in a Democratic Party Headquarters. It’s very simple.

Transparency = Freedom, Democracy, and the American Way

Apparently Republican Josh Mandel and his staffer and current legislative aid Joel Riter are un-American fascists who don’t understand this concept and don’t like the glare of transparency peeking in on their right wing lovefest.

Chris Johnson at the Cincinnatti Beacon has the goods. A video (below) in which Joel not only blocks an ODP tracker from filming Josh’s speech, but Chris’ camera as well! He apologizes later thinking Johnson also was a Democratic Party tracker.

Sidebar: If I’m not mistaken that’s Ben Keeler making a pretty big cameo in the video. I wasn’t sure if Ben was there as a spectator or staffer so I emailed him to ask. Will report back what I find out.

Chris, being a very good investigative blogger, isn’t satisfied to just leave without explanation. He makes several attempts to talk to both Josh and Joel to get an explanation as to why they are using Gestapo tactics to shut down the ability of an Ohio citizen to record a publicly accessible forum. Josh finds out in the video below that The Beacon “leans left” and shuts down all communication with Chris from that point.

So the obvious question is begged: How is Josh Mandel going to govern as State Treasurer? Will he represent all of us and the interests of every taxpayer or will he only listen to his right wing overlords?

I’d love a good answer to this, but apparently I’m not allowed to ask.

Maybe I should ask Kevin Boyce, current Ohio State Treasurer, if he is going to run his campaign this way.

h/t Jill, who sent me this via email – as did our own Joseph who I’m sure will have more to say about this. He loves Josh Mandel!

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  • I think the take away for Josh is pretty clear: if you surround yourself with tools like Joel Riter, you're going to come across looking like a tool yourself.

    The speech was pretty standard stuff – joke about shoes, wait for laugh, talk about marines, pause for clapping, no one shows up at city council meetings, haha…

    Nothing in there he hasn't said hundreds of times before. No big secrets revealed.

    And prior to the incident, Josh actually came off as a likable – albeit boring and strangely young-looking for his age – guy.

    But by the end of the video you're just thinking: what a bunch of fucking tools.

    Never underestimate the tool-by-association effect.

  • darkejournal

    why are democrats ging to republican events with videocameras in the first place? seems pretty pathetic.

  • It's called tracking. Pretty standard practice in politics nowadays, especially since George Allen's “macaca moment”. Republicans do it too. You've not heard of this?

  • darkejournal

    sure – i've heard of democrats doing it.

  • stop playing ignorant then…or are you? here. i'll google it FOR you:

  • darkejournal

    so who's the GOP tracker for Ohio?

  • You surely are playing stupid, aren't you? Doubt it's one person. Go to a Dem event. It's the nervous kid in the back with the video camera. If I knew them or saw them you'd already have video of it here at PB, but you probably already know this. 😉

  • darkejournal

    the democrat trackers must be scared to death in a room full of hateful irrational republicans

  • nah. that's what the video camera is for. you'd be surprised though what people will do even knowing they are being filmed. did you see the mccain-palin mob video? that's some good shit!

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