One of the reasons we’ve consistently argued that GOP rhetoric was harmful to the country is that it creates an environment of fear and hate, and it’s incredibly difficult to step back when you realize things have gotten out of hand. Some of our conservative visitors think things haven’t gotten out of hand (in fact, a few think that this is all “manufactured outrage” by the left, as Eric has made fun of in his last few posts). We’ve already had people hurt, even killed, in what would appear to be violence at least in part motivated by the fear and hate being stoked by the GOP.

I don’t watch very much cable news any more – too busy to find the time, to be honest – but I did see this clip from Rachel Maddow and thought it provided some nice context.

You can’t unring the bell. But you certainly can stop ringing it. Quit using violent metaphors, at the very least, if you aren’t willing to stop stoking the bonfire.